Zyro website builder review: is Zyro good? – Zyro vs Squarespace comparison (2023)

I have been using Squarespace for running a website for about three years and have been quite happy with it. However, after recently learning about the Zyro website builder and testing it, I am now starting to wonder if it might make sense to move over to Zyro.

In this Zyro website builder review I share exactly why I am starting to think that it might be time to embrace Zyro. It is good to note that this particular page you are on right now, is all about using Zyro (in comparison to Squarespace) for building “traditional” websites – if you are looking for information about using Zyro for ecommerce you find it from here.

Zyro is cheap, much cheaper than Squarespace

Using Squarespace is likely going to cost you at least over $100/year. On the other hand, it is possible to use Zyro for just a little more than $30/year. Saving that $70+ in a year is already nice, but if you consider that you are likely to own the website you are building for multiple years, the savings can accumulate to a really nice amount.

Good to note regarding Zyro’s pricing: to get the lowest per year price when using Zyro, it is likely a good idea to pick a long-term subscription and to use a Zyro promo code.

Zyro’s templates are about as good as Squarespace’s

I have no major complaints about Squarespace’s templates and I have actually been quite impressed by their look: there are certainly worse templates than what Squarespace offers. However, after testing Zyro I now understand that Squarespace’s templates are not that special. That is because the templates offered by Zyro are about as stylish and good as Squarespace’s. And what is really nice is that despite of Zyro being a quite new website builder, there are already about 100 different templates. So plenty to pick from.

Neither Zyro nor Squarespace charges extra for any of their templates.

Zyro’s website editor is, in my opinion, better than Squarespace’s

If you are going to use Squarespace you are likely going to initially like the fact that the user interface is extremely simple and easy to use. However, as time goes on, you will quite possibly get frustrated with how little the editor lets you do, it is just quite restrictive in terms of the modifications it allows you to do.

Zyro’s website builder/editor is also very easy to use, but it actually allows you to do a lot more modifications to your site than you can do with Squarespace. So especially if you are someone who is at least somewhat of a perfectionist and/or likes to tinker with things, it might make especially much sense to pick Zyro over Squarespace.

Both Zyro and Squarespace offer great customer service, but Zyro’s might be even better

I don’t really have any complaints about the customer service of Squarespace: when I have had questions they have answered my messages quickly and tried to provide help. However, the customer service of Zyro seems to be even faster than Squarespace’s and additionally, it seems to be very helpful and friendly.

Small things I like about the Zyro website builder

I would consider pricing, templates and the quality of the actual website editor to be the major deciding factors when picking a website builder. In addition to those things, there are also small things that can be a nice bonus when using a high-quality website builder.

With Zyro those “small things” include, a really nice and simple dropdown menu for finding the most important things for editing your website, a quick and simple way to see how your website would look on mobile phones and the fact that Zyro has a couple “AI” features that seem like they could actually be useful.

What is the background of Zyro – can you trust Zyro?

While Zyro might be a new name to a lot of people, it is nice to know that Zyro is owned by a huge web hosting company called Hostinger. That background means that Zyro should be safe. It also explains why Zyro is so cheap to use. As I have actually been using Hostinger for hosting a website of mine, I can also from my own perspective say that Zyro should be trustworthy.

Bottom line: Zyro is a great website builder and, in my opinion in 2023, better than Squarespace. Go to Zyro.