Zyro vs Shopify in 2023 – My honest thoughts about which you should pick

Based on using/testing both Zyro and Shopify, I can say confidently that both of them can be great choices for building an online store. However, which one you should pick depends, in my opinion, on exactly what you are looking for from an online store builder. Keep reading to find out more.

Summary of Zyro vs Shopify comparison

If you value cheap pricing and ease of use over higher quality, you should pick Zyro over Shopify. And if you are looking for the best possible ecommerce builder, you should choose Shopify.

Good to know: If you are wondering if you should choose Zyro or Shopify for building a traditional website (and not an ecommerce store) you should always choose Zyro. That is because Zyro can be great for running “traditional” websites and Shopify, on the other hand, is not really suited for it.

Ease of use, Zyro vs Shopify

Zyro is certainly easier to use than Shopify. I am not saying that Shopify would be a particularly difficult to use ecommerce solution, but it can at least initially be a bit overwhelming. While on the other hand with Zyro, the odds are that even as an ecommerce beginner you can pretty much instantly figure out how to do things.

Zyro vs Shopify pricing

Zyro ecommerce and Shopify are quite similarly priced when paid for on a monthly basis. That is as the cheapest Zyro ecommerce plan costs normally $19.90/month and the cheapest regular Shopify plan costs normally $29/month.

However, Zyro gives considerably more lucrative discounts for those who opt for a long-term subscription: while with a Shopify discount the price of their cheapest normal plan can drop to $21.75/month, with a Zyro discount the price of their ecommerce plan can drop to less than $9/month. So if you want to keep your long-term costs down, it is a good idea to choose Zyro over Shopify.

Good to know: Shopify offers new customers a 14-day free trial, while Zyro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but no free trial.


All of Zyro’s themes are free and Shopify offers free themes in addition to their paid themes. So both of the platforms can be great choices for those who don’t want to invest in a template. It is also nice to know that both Zyro’s and Shopify’s templates look modern and professional.

However, even though Zyro and Shopify are about equally good when it comes to the themes, I would say that Shopify’s themes are on are average a bit higher quality than Zyro’s. Additionally, Shopify also offers a wider selection of ecommerce templates.

Good to be aware of: It is at least at the time of writing this bit tricky to change the template of your Zyro store – it is possible but not nearly as easy as with Shopify.

Apps and settings

Shopify is by far the best ecommerce platform when it comes to apps: there are at the time of writing this over 5000 apps/plugins that you can connect with your Shopify store. Zyro on the other hand, works with a quite limited number of apps. At least for now. So Shopify is clearly the better choice for those who would love to use different apps to add features to their store.

When it comes to store settings, both Zyro and Shopify offer the most important ones, such as the ability to change the store currency and language. And thus, in my opinion, there is no big difference between Shopify and Zyro in terms of settings.

Zyro vs Shopify reliability and safety

I have never experienced any downtime with either Zyro or Shopify nor other issues with either service’s reliability. So, whichever company you pick, you should expect extremely reliable service. And the same goes for the platform’s safety: Shopify is listed on the New York Stock Exchange where it at the time of writing this has a market valuation of more than $130 billion and Zyro is owned by a web hosting company that has more than 29 million customers.

Payment options

Shopify and Zyro both offer, for example, Stripe and PayPal integrations. Additionally, Shopify also has its own payment solution, although unfortunately it is only available for selected countries.

Transaction fees

This is an area in which Zyro is by a wide margin better than Shopify: Zyro doesn’t charge any additional transaction fees on purchases made from your store, while Shopify can charge up to almost 3% of each transaction.

Product limits

“Product limit” refers to how many different products you are allowed to list on your store. Shopify has no product limits and Zyro allows you to list up to 100 products on its “ecommerce” plan and up to 2500 products on its “ecommerce plus” plan.


Both Shopify and Zyro give unlimited free web hosting for stores run on their platform.

Zyro vs Shopify customer service

In my experience, both of these two platforms offer extremely good customer service. Meaning in practice, that the customer service is fast and helpful. So, whichever platform you pick, I predict that you will be happy with its customer service.

Quick Zyro vs Shopify comparison of some aspects

Number of free themes100+.Around 10
Free trial?No.Yes, 14-days.
Ideal forSites and small stores.Small to huge stores.
Open your account:Go to Zyro.Go to Shopify.

Questions and answers

Which is better for dropshipping Zyro or Shopify? In my opinion, Shopify is at the moment the best platform for dropshipping and while it is possible to do dropshipping also with Zyro, the platform is not really ideal for it. Thus, Shopify is the clear winner when it comes to dropshipping.

Do websites created with Shopify and Zyro load fast?

At least in my experience they do. And I haven’t seen a noticeable difference between how fast Zyro and Shopify sites load.

Do Zyro and Shopify offer the chance to register a domain name?

Yes. And if you already have your perfect domain registered, you should be able to connect it easily to Zyro or Shopify.

Is it easy to pay for a Shopify or Zyro subscription?

At least in my experience it is. Both Zyro and Shopify seem to accept, for example, the common credit & debit cards and PayPal.

Do Zyro and Shopify offer customer/visitor reports?

Yes. Shopify’s reports appear to be a bit more comprehensive but Zyro’s reports can be easier to understand.

Do Zyro and Shopify offer a free SSL certificate?

Yes. It should be included in all of their plans.

Ready to pick either Zyro or Shopify or looking for more information about either?

For more information, see our Zyro ecommerce review or Shopify review. And if this page provided all the information you need, you might want to open a Zyro account or try Shopify for free.

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