Zyro ecommerce – review with pros & cons, pricing, plans and promo code

Zyro is a website builder that has recently been becoming more serious about ecommerce. And in this review we look at how good choice Zyro might be for launching an ecommerce business. Note: If you happen to have stumbled on this page while looking for information on using Zyro for building and running a “traditional” website, I recommend instead taking a look at this Zyro website builder review.

Pros of Zyro

The biggest thing that Zyro has going for it is its pricing: it is for long subscriptions extremely cheap ecommerce builder. That as at least at the time of writing this you can get Zyro for as low as $8.99/month when choosing a 4 year subscription.

The second pro of Zyro is that their ecommerce themes can be quite good for certain type of stores: the Zyro themes look really fitting for stores that are selling a smallish selection of high-quality products. So, for example, fashion items. Additionally, Zyro’s templates also seem to function well on different devices – unfortunately this is not even these days the case for all ecommerce solutions.

Third pro of Zyro is that the company behind it should be very reliable. That is as Zyro is owned by Hostinger, which is a major web hosting company and based on my personal experiences also safe and secure.

Cons of Zyro

Zyro’s cons relate mainly to the fact that at the end of the day it is a website builder not a dedicated ecommerce platform such as, for example, Bigcommerce. That means that Zyro is not able to focus as much on their ecommerce solution as some other companies can. Secondly, the current templates of Zyro do not seem particularly good for running an ecommerce store with a wide selection of products. The third con of Zyro is that there is no free trial, that is bit annoying and even weird as all the other ecommerce builders seem to offer a free trial of some sort. However, it is good to note that Zyro does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should you use Zyro or some other solution for building an ecommerce store?

I would say that Zyro is a good choice if you are looking for a cheap online store builder for running an online store that does not have lot of different products. Thus, Zyro might be ideal, for example, for selling some type of products that you are creating out of passion. On the other hand, if you are looking to run a huge ecommerce business it might be a good idea to choose, e.g., BigCommerce. Open Zyro account or see our BigCommerce review.

Zyro’s pricing for its ecommerce plans

Zyro has two different e-commerce plans: one that is called simply “Ecommerce” and one that is called “Ecommerce Plus”. And whichever you pick, you can choose to be billed monthly, yearly, every 2 years or every 4 years. The current per month discounted prices for all 8 of the possible Zyro’s ecommerce plan combinations are shown below.

Zyro pricing table

Ecommerce Plus$29.99/m$19.99/m$15.99/m$13.99/m

Comments: The differences in monthly costs are quite significant between choosing a 1 month or 1 year subscription, and as such it seems like a solid idea to pick at least a 1 year subscription if Zyro seems like a good fit for your ecommerce needs. On the other hand, the per-month price differences between 4 and 2 year subscriptions are quite small, and as such choosing a 4 year subscription might not be ideal. Thus, I would strongly consider choosing an annual or biannual Zyro subscription.

Promo code: At least at the time of writing this it appears to be possible to get (additional) discounts on the 1, 2 and 4 year subscriptions by using the promo code ZyroOFF. Use the discount.

Good to note: The listed prices do not include VAT as that can differ based on the buyer’s country.

Features of Zyro’s ecommerce plans

Both of Zyro’s ecommerce plans include, for example, hosting, the ability to accept online payments and gift cards. So in other words the things that are really important for running an online store. However, there are also some differences between the plans, and the two that I would pay lot of attention to are that the “ecommerce plus” -plan includes on top of the “ecommerce”-plan’s features product filters and abandoned cart recovery. The first of those can be very important for customer experience and the second one can be useful for generating a good amount of extra sales.

Additionally, it is good to note that Zyro’s cheaper ecommerce plan allows you to list at most 100 products to your store, while the more expensive plan allows you to list an unlimited number of products. But obviously this might not be a big issue for most Zyro users as Zyro is really ideal for selling a small selection of products.

Which Zyro ecommerce plan should you choose: As the difference in price is quite small between the plans, I would strongly consider the “ecommerce plus” -plan if you are serious about ecommerce. Pick your Zyro plan.

Questions and answers:

Which payment gateways can I use for my Zyro store? There are over 50 payment processors that should work with Zyro. However, for most users the best choices will likely be PayPal and/or Stripe.

Is it possible to connect a domain name located elsewhere to a Zyro store? While Zyro makes it possible to register new domains through their site, you might already have a domain name that is located on some other service provider and which you would like to connect to your Zyro store. As such, it is nice to know that Zyro has simple instructions on its site that should be helpful for connecting an exsisting domain name to your Zyro store.

Can you do dropshipping with Zyro? It appears that at least at the time of writing this, Zyro’s app store does not have any dropshipping apps, so unfortunately it seems to be at the very least difficult to do dropshipping with Zyro. So, if you want to use Oberlo or some other popular dropshipping solution you are probably better off picking another ecommerce platform to build your store on. You can find platforms recommended for dropshipping from this page.