Recommended Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce & Oberlo vs WooCommerce comparison

WooCommerce is a plugin that you can install to your WordPress-website and get quickly started with doing ecommerce. WooCommerce also makes it possible to do dropshipping. Unfortunately though at least at the time of writing this WooCommerce does not appear to work with the extremely popular Oberlo dropshipping app.

On this page we first explore why that is, then recommend three Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce and finally do a small WooCommerce vs. Oberlo comparison.

Why does Oberlo not work (at least easily) with WooCommerce?

By far the most likely explanation for that is that Oberlo is actually owned by a competitor of WooCommerce. That competitor is Shopify, and as they most likely see WooCommerce as a potentially serious threat to their success, they are understandably hesitant to allow WooCommerce to integrate Oberlo into its platform.

What is maybe the best Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce?

If you are going to do dropshipping with WooCommerce, it might make lot of sense to buy AliDropship’s WooCommerce plugin. That is that plugin appears to be very good, people seem to like AliDropship a lot (based on reviews especially the customer service is excellent) and additionally the plugin is quite cheap if you end up using it for at least a relatively long time: at the time of writing this AliDropship’s WooCommerce addon is available for a one time fee of $89.

That $89 price means that, if you were to run a WooCommerce dropshipping store with AliDropship for even a year the cost per month would be significantly less than $10 – not bad when the plugin can help you make loads of money. Get AliDropship for WooCommerce.

Are there free Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce?

Yes. And if you are looking for a free and easy alternative we recommend checking out Printful, which is loved by a lot of customers and if you are looking for a more advanced alternative, we recommend seeing if CJDropshipping could be for you.

Oberlo vs WooCommerce – which is better for dropshipping?

First of all, when comparing Oberlo and WooCommerce, it is good to remember that Oberlo really only works with Shopify. So the comparison is more like Oberlo+Shopify vs WooCommerce+AliDropship (or some other plugin). And after testing both Shopify and WooCommerce, I would say that if you are completely new to ecommerce, it is probably a good idea to start with Oberlo and Shopify – you will just get rolling faster.

However, if you have already tried dropshipping and come to the conclusion that you want more freedom than Oberlo & Shopify can give you, then doing dropshipping with WooCommerce can be a really good idea. That is as WooCommerce lets you to do a lot of customization, but then on the other hand also tends to demand more effort from the one using it.

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