Wix and dropshipping – is Wix good for dropshipping in 2021? Pros and cons listed

Wix is mainly known for its website builder, but they also make it possible to build and run ecommerce stores. And if you are considering Wix for ecommerce, it is nice to be aware of the fact that it is also possible to dropshipping with Wix. However, the big question is, how good is Wix for dropshiping? On this page we look at some of the pros and cons of using Wix for dropshipping.

Wix and dropshipping – pros

It is easy to build a Wix store and connect it with a dropshipping app: Wix is at the moment maybe the easiest-to-use ecommerce platform. And connecting one of the dropshipping apps you can find from Wix’s app store to your online store is also easy.

Wix is reasonably priced or maybe even cheap: The cheapest Wix-plan that you can use for ecommerce costs $23. That already is quite cheap, but then in addition to that Wix is, based on my personal experience, very active in offering hefty discounts to get people to pay for the platform. And in my experience being offered a 50% discount on Wix’s prices is not at all rare, and if are offered that Wix becomes cheap compared to many other ecommerce platforms.

Wix’s app store contains solid dropshipping apps: If you go to the app store of Wix you will notice that they have far fewer dropshippig apps available than many other ecommerce platforms. However, at least the Modalyst and Spocket drop shipping apps that you can find from there are quite good. And personally I really liked especially the feel of Modalyst and how good it was for finding products and suppliers. At least with Modalyst it is also easy to add dropshipped products to your Wix store and change their pricing and other information.

Wix and dropshipping – cons

Wix’s platform is not as flexible as many others: It seems that there is a cost that comes with Wix being so easy-to-use. And that is that you can’t do, at least not easily, as much customization of your Wix store as you might want to. And my experience is that, that can be an especially big issue if your store is in some other other language than English, as Wix uses automatic translations in some spots and they might not function perfectly.

You don’t have access to as many quality dropshipping apps as on many other platforms: In the “pros”-section of this page, it was mentioned that you can find “quite good” dropshipping apps from Wix’s app store. Unfortunately though the store is also missing many of the top apps. So if you, for example, like to use Oberlo for your store, you can’t really choose Wix, as the app is not available in the store.

There aren’t many guides for using Wix for dropshipping: If you look up the content related to Shopify and dropshipping, you will find pretty much endless and ever-growing catalog of free videos and other guides that will help you maximize the potential of your dropshipping business. There simply isn’t that much content for using Wix for dropshipping. That is obviously an especially big problem if you are new to dropshipping.

Conclusion: Is Wix good for dropshipping?

The boring, but truthful answer is that it depends. If you are looking for a really easy way to build a dropshipping store, Wix can be a good choice. But if you serious about dropshipping, it might not be the best choice. Go to Wix or read about other solid options for dropshipping.