Wix appears to be changing its ecommerce plans

Update 6.8.2020: Apparently the available Wix plans can depend based on your geographical location, which means that not all Wix users might get the new plans at the same time if at all.

Wix, which many still mainly associate with its traditional website builder, has lately been increasingly focusing on its e-commerce platform. And indeed, at least in my opinion it is currently one of the best e-commerce platforms.

Previously Wix has had 3 proper e-commerce plans: “Business VIP”, “Business Unlimited” and “Business Basic”. And then in addition to those, Wix has also had a free plan (basically a way to test the software without having commit to paying for it) as well as an enterprise solution.

However, it would appear that Wix is now going to change its plans. This based on the information on their page about the processing fees for Wix Payments. Previously the page in question contained only one possible price for each listed geographical area, but now Wix has split the transaction fees into three different categories “Sell”, “Grow” and “Evolve”. Additionally, on the page Wix tells that they are currently in the process of updating their premium plans. Thus, it can be reasonably concluded that in the future Wix’s e-commerce plans will be called “Evolve”, “Grow” and “Sell”.

What is particularly promising about this (presumably) upcoming change is that, it would mean lower transaction fees for lot of future Wix customers: currently US payments are 2.9% + 0.3 USD of the transaction, but under the new plans they could be as low as 2.4% + 0.3 USD. And for Euro transactions the fees could for future customers be as low as 1.6 + 0.25€.

Those available lower transaction fees mean that in the future Wix could be an even more attractive option for people who are looking to open an online store. And that especially so, if the lower transaction fees will not lead to Wix increasing the prices of its plans – that happening would be quite unfortunate as Wix is currently one of the cheapest e-commerce plans.