What ecommerce platform does Squarespace use? 2023 information

Squarespace can be used for building both traditional websites and ecommerce websites. The platform they use for both is their own. In other words, online stores built with Squarespace use Squarespace for ecommerce. It might be good to know that Squarespace is not the same as Square which is mainly known for its payment solution but also has “Square Online” ecommerce platform. While Squarespace is using it’s own ecommerce platform, you can integrate another leading ecommerce solution provider, Shopify, with Squarespace. That is thanks to Shopify Buy Buttons. However, even in that case Squarespace would still be the actual platform you are using and Shopify Buy Buttons would be an add-on to it. Get started with Squarespace.

Is Squarespace ecommerce platform good?

Squarespace is one of my top recommendations for those looking for the best ecommerce platform. I especially strongly recommend Squarespace to those want to easily build a beautiful online store that has at least a relatively small selection of items for sale. If you are unsure about if Squarespace is good for your situation, it might be nice to know that at least at the time of writing this, they give new users a 14-day free trial. Try Squarespace for free.

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