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Having been established already in 1999 Volusion rivals the likes of 3Dcart as one of the oldest e-commerce software providers that is still around and doing well. And in fact Volusion is doing so well (at least in the eyes of the investors) that at the end of January 2015 it raised the largest amount of money from investors it has ever raised  - $55 million in total.

So the investors are loving Volusion now more than ever, but how lovable is Volusion from the eyes of the e-commerce store owners? In this review we will take a detailed look into the most important features of their platform and see how well it does when compared to the other e-commerce software companies.

Volusion free trial - Just like elsewhere

It is difficult to come across an e-commerce platform that would not be giving a free trial for prospective new customers. And indeed, at Volusion as well all the new users can get a 14-day free trial to play around with the Volusion software and see how they like. And just like on almost all the other platforms, here as well, you don't even need to give your credit card or other payment information to be able to enjoy the 14-day test period.

With basically all the e-commerce platforms giving either free 14 or 15 days trials​ at the moment, it will be interesting to see if anyone dares to take the leap in the near future and start to offer for an example a 30 day trial - or even 3 week (21 day) trial instead of the 2 week.

Still, a trial of this length is obviously way better than no trial at all or something silly like 24 hours.

Volusion templates from free to $895

Like any good company in this industry, Volusion also has a very wide selection of different templates for different uses to choose from. However, there are couple things that set Volusion's template collection apart from all the other platform providers.

First of all, the browsing system and filters for going through the templates and finding the best one for your unique use-case is the best one I've come across: the filters are smart, easy-to-use and the browsing system is beautifully designed. And naturally for every template you can easily see a live demo of the template in question. 

The filter quality is obviously a massive plus for Volusion when comparing it to companies such as 3Dcart (other older e-commerce solution provider). However, the second feature setting Volusion apart from the rest is not as positive:   Volusion has the widest range of prices when it comes to the templates. Yes, they have the free templates, but also templates for $150 and even templates for $595 and $895. The last two are way more expensive than any templates on several platforms.​

There are basically two ways to look at those $595 and $895 price tags: 1) they are way more expensive than many other places and such as way overpriced or 2) they are still way cheaper than getting a fully custom built e-commerce design and as such still offer great value.

While you can debate if it is worth it to pay up to $895 for a template and then also pay the monthly / yearly fees for having the access to Volusion's system, one thing is not really debatable: Almost all the templates they have are beautiful and pleasant to use for the customers.

Note: When choosing between the templates pay attention to the "responsive" filter. Responsive in this case refers to the template having been built from the start with the fact that people are using tiny screens, massive screens  and everything in between in mind. Being "responsive" means that template should automatically change the format in which customer sees it depending on which device they are using. There are also free "responsive" themes at Volusion.

Volusion admin dashboard

To put it shortly: the admin dashboard by Volusion is extremely well designed when it comes to both 1) how it looks and 2) how it works. 

The features that different e-commerce solution providers offer with their dashboard are these days pretty close to the same: The ability to do things such as switch easily templates, add logos easily, add products easily, configure shipping settings and add payment options easily (as well as the option to actually accept payments easily). The reason behind the similar options is a pretty simple one: those are the essential options that every single e-commerce owner will need when running their store. The rest is more or less the icing on the cake.

In addition to the above mentioned "essential" features Volusion obviously ​also has some slightly special features available in their dashboard: You can for an example find plenty of articles and videos related to both using their software and to actually running an online business. They also, for an example, have a good reporting system as well as an easy way to create things such as discount coupons as well as.

Volusion prices and plans


Volusion has 4 different plans available for customers. With 3-5 different plans usually being available at the different platform companies, 4 fits well right in the middle.  With the cheapest price for a monthly plan being $15/month and the most expensive plan being $135/month, the monthly and yearly prices by Volusion fit also well within the range of normal prices. And like on the other big platforms, Volusion also gives discount if you opt to pay for a full year at once. In their case the discount is 10%.

But while the prices and the number of options are pretty average at Volusion, especially their cheapest plan "Mini" is way ahead of many other companies' cheapest plans when it comes to the actual quality of the plan.

To start with, with the mini plan you can add up to 100 products to your store. For an example with  Shopify's cheapest plan you can add only 25 products to your store and with Squarespace's cheapest plan you can add 1 (!!!) product to your store. Secondly, even with the cheapest plan Volusion charges no additional transaction fees (naturally you still have to pay the processing fees that payment providers charge).

When it comes to the differences between Volusion's own plans the most important ones are in my opinion the bandwidth amount (1GB with the cheapest and 35GB with the most expensive one) and the ability to have ratings / reviews on your site and the ability to create newsletters. Both ratings / reviews and newsletters are included for plans starting from "pro", which is $75/month.​


In 2015 Volusion is likely the best it has ever been, both when it comes to its own platforms' quality and when it comes to how well it does when compared to its competitors.

Volusion is certainly an option to checkout when deciding between the different e-commerce platforms. 

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