Squarespace is now a publicly listed company

Given the stunning rise of Shopify’s market value after it became a publicly listed company, it is no wonder that other companies offering an ecommerce platform have become interested in becoming publicly traded companies. And indeed in the recent times, for example, Bigcommerce and Thinkific have followed the footsteps of Shopify. Now this week Squarespace also become a publicly traded company.

Squarespace chose to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and at the time of writing this its market valuation is bit below $7 billion. For comparison, Shopify is at the time of writing this valued at over $150 billion. It will be interesting to see if Squarespace is able to catch up to Shopify’s valuation at some point in the future.

When comparing Squarespace to Shopify, it is good to keep in mind that while Squarespace does offer an ecommerce solution, it is mainly known for its traditional website builder. Shopify on the other hand, is solely focused on ecommerce.

According to Marketwatch, Squarespace was recently valued at $10 billion during a private funding round. So, it seems likely that at least some consider Squarespace to be worth more than it is currently valued at by the public.