Squarespace & Dropshipping FAQ | Does Oberlo work with Squarespace? & Other questions answered

Squarespace is one of the absolute best choices if you are looking for an easy way to launch a stylish, traditional, website. However, Squarespace also makes it possible to do ecommerce and with that lot of people might end up wondering about how good Squarespace might be specifically for dropshipping (one popular method to use for running an ecommerce store). And indeed the goal of this page is to serve as sort of a FAQ for the questions that relate to Squarespace and dropshipping.

Can you do dropshipping with a Squarespace website?

Yes, it is possible. To do that (in an easy way) you need to open a Squarespace account and connect it with a dropshipping app.

Which dropshipping apps work directly with Squarespace?

It would appear that at the moment the only popular dropshipping apps that work directly with Squarespace are Printful and Spocket (links open in a new window).

Printful can be used for free and it makes it possible to dropship, for example, T-shirts, phone cases, coffee mugs and many other products. Spocket on the other hand costs at least $24/month – although there is a free trial – but then on the plus side, it allows you to dropship a wider selection of products.

Compared to many other dropshipping apps, both Printful and Spocket are mainly focused on a bit higher quality products. The products available via Printful and Spocket also tend to have relatively fast shipping times.

Is Printful or Spocket better for dropshipping? If you are new to dropshipping and don’t want to invest a lot of time and energy into it, Printful is likely the better choice for you. That is because in addition to being free, it is also easier to use than Spocket (you can find an embedded video about using Printful with Squarespace from the end of this page). Open a Printful account.

While Printful is easier and cheaper (free) than Spocket, it is good to note that Spocket is likely better suited for those who are hoping to build a large dropshipping business. That is to a large extent because it gives you access to more suppliers and products. Open a Spocket account.

Does Oberlo work with Squarespace?

Yes. While the very popular Oberlo dropshipping app does not work directly with Squarespace, you can use it rather easily and for just $9/month on a Squarespace site.

From below you can find quick instructions on how to use Oberlo on a Squarespace website (takes maybe 15 minutes in total)

  1. Open a Shopify account and pick your preferred plan. Even the cheapest Shopify plan, which costs only $9/month, makes it possible to use Oberlo with Squarespace.
  2. Download the Oberlo app from your Shopify admin panel.
  3. From the Oberlo app add the products you want to sell to your Shopify account. This can be done with just a couple of clicks.
  4. Update the product information as you want to and choose “Buy Buttons” as the sales channel for the products.
  5. In your Shopify account go to Sales Channels -> Buy Button and with a few simple steps create Buy Buttons for the Oberlo products you want to sell.
  6. Copy the Buy Button -code from Shopify.
  7. Go to your Squarespace admin panel and open the page on which you want to sell products.
  8. From the blocks-menu choose “code” and insert the code you got from Shopify (before doing that delete from the code box any previous code). Click to apply the new code.
  9. You are not able to see the Buy Buttons while logged in to your Squarespace account, but you can see them when you log out from your account or open the page in an incognito mode. Check to verify that everything looks good.
  10. Do the design changes you want to do for the page where you have the Buy Button.

Looking for more information about using Buy Buttons with Squarespace? See this page. Ready to open a Shopify account and add Oberlo to Squarespace? Go to Shopify.

Is Squarespace good for dropshipping?

There are, in my opinion, two types of cases for which it can be a good idea to use Squarespace for dropshipping. The first type of cases are those in which someone already has an existing Squarespace site and feels that the products that can be sold with Spocket, Printful or Oberlo+Shopify would be a hit among those already visiting the website.

And the second situation for which it might be a good idea to use Squarespace for dropshipping is one where you are looking to dropship a small selection of high quality products. That is because Squarespace’s templates tend to look stylish but are not great for displaying a large selection of products.

Based on those two categories of cases, it can be concluded that Squarespace can be a particularly good choice for dropshipping if you have an existing site with a visitor base that is eager to buy high-quality products. Go to Squarespace.

On the other hand, if you are looking to launch a brand-new dropshipping store and/or want to do large-scale dropshipping, it is very likely a good idea to use a platform other than Squarespace. And out of those other platforms, Shopify is likely the best choice.

If you use Shopify for dropshipping you will have access to plenty of good dropshipping apps and get to enjoy creating your store with a platform that was designed specifically for ecommerce. At the time of writing this Shopify gives new customers a 14-day free trial. Open a Shopify account.

And if you feel that Shopify might not be ideal for you, you can find other recommended options for dropshipping from this page.

A relatively new video on how to use Printful with Squarespace

Interested to learn even more about Printful? Click here to go to Printful’s website.