Squarespace & Dropshipping FAQ | Does Oberlo work with Squarespace? & Other questions answered

Squarespace is one of the absolute best choices if you are looking for an easy way to launch a stylish, traditional, website. However, Squarespace also makes it possible to do ecommerce and with that lot of people might end up wondering about how good Squarespace might be specifically for dropshipping (one popular method to use for running an ecommerce store). And indeed the goal of this page is to serve as sort of a FAQ for the questions that relate to Squarespace and dropshipping.

Can you do dropshipping with a Squarespace website? Yes, it is technically possible.

Which dropshipping apps work easily with Squarespace? It would appear that at the moment the only popular dropshipping app that works directly with Squarespace is Printful. Printful makes it possible to dropship, for example, T-shirts, phone cases, coffee mugs and many other products. From the bottom of this page you can find an embedded video that helps you use Printful with Squarespace.

Does Oberlo work with Squarespace? It seems that you can use Oberlo with Squarespace only by first opening a Shopify account, then creating buy buttons through Shopify and finally adding those buy buttons to your Squarespace site. Using those buy buttons might in some cases be a solid idea, but they are not really a substitute for a proper dropshipping store. And it is also good to be aware of the fact that because Shopify owns Oberlo, it is likely quite possible that at some point in the future either Squarespace or Shopify decides that they no longer want to support the buy button -integration.

Does Modalyst work with Squarespace? Modalyst is another popular dropshipping app, and unfortunately it appears that there is no way to use Modalyst on a site created with Squarespace.

Is Squarespace good for dropshipping? It can be in some niche cases. Those cases are mainly ones where someone already has an existing Squarespace-site, wants to generate some extra income and feels that the products that can be added with Printful would be a hit among those already vising the website. However, if you are looking to launch a brand-new dropshipping store and/or want to do large-scale dropshipping, it is very likely a good idea to use platform other than Squarespace. And out of those other platforms, Shopify is likely the best choice.

If you use Shopify for dropshipping you will have access to plenty off good dropshipping apps and get to enjoy creating your store with a platform that was designed specifically for ecommerce. At the moment Shopify gives new customers a 14-day free trial. Open Shopify account.

And if you feel that Shopify might not be ideal for you, you can find other recommended options for dropshipping from this page.

New video on how to use Printful with Squarespace