Squarespace dropshipping – Is Squarespace good for dropshipping?

While Squarespace might not be the best know platform for dropshipping, it is entirely possible to dropship with Squarespace. Although maybe not as well as earlier, as the previously popular Oberlo dropshipping app that you could integrate through Shopify with Squarespace is no longer available.

These days your best option for dropshipping with Squarespace is likely to be the Spocket dropshipping app. It seems to be quite good, but unfortunately it is not for free: it costs at least $24.99/month when used with Squarespace. Maybe the best thing about Spocket is that it has suppliers from both EU and US. That can mean shorter than average shipping times for dropshipped products, information of which might make people more inclined to buy the products your are selling with Spocket. Go to Spocket for a way to get started with Squarespace dropshipping.

A second good option for doing dropshipping on Squarespace is with a service called Printful. If you wanted to be more spesific about what Printful is, you might call it print-on-demand dropshipping. Go to Printful.

Is Squarespace a good platform for dropshipping?

Due to the way the usual Squarespace ecommerce templates look, Squarespace can be good for certain type of dropshipping: selling high value items. That is as Squarespace can be ideal for highlighting all the possible nice features of that kind of items. In pratice, doing for example fashion dropshipping with Squarespace might be a good idea. At the same time it might be good to realize that Squarespace might not be the best solution for dropshipping a large variety of products. Go to Squarespace.

What is the best Squarespace dropshipping alternative?

I consider Shopify to be the best ecommerce platform for dropshipping. That is for example due to the overall quality of the platform as well as the fact that Shopify has a lot of dropshipping integrations available. Shopify gives new customers a 3 day free trial and first 3 months for $1+taxes/month. So, if you haven’t yet tested Shopify now might be a good time to try it. And if you have neither tested Squarespace it might be good to try it with their 14-day free trial. After trying both, it is should be easy to decide which one you personally like more for dropshipping. Try Shopify for free or if you haven’t yet try Squarespace for free.

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