Ecommerce platforms Singapore (2021) – Best ecommerce solutions for founders and companies from Singapore

Given the strength of Singapore’s economy it is not surprising that lot of companies that provide ecommerce platforms have identified Singapore as a key market. And as such a founder or a company from Singapore has lot of great options when it comes to which ecommerce platform to use for their store. On this page we present what we believe to be in 2021 the 3 best ecommerce platforms that a company or a person from Singapore can use for launching and running their online store.

Best ecommerce platform for Singapore

Shopify is at the moment the world’s most successful and in my opinon also the best ecommerce platform. And as they see Singapore as an important market, it is also a great choice for the founders and businesses who are from Singapore. Shopify is currently used by over 1 million businesses globally, including for example Gymshark, which is no wonder given how easy it is to build a nice-looking and well-functioning online store with their platform.

Shopify’s payment gateway partners for Singapore include, for example, Adyen, Alipay Global, Asiabill, OceanPayment PayPal and many more. Additionally, Shopify’s own payment system is available for founders from Singapore – there are lot of countries for which Shopify has not made it available for. And as they should, Shopify makes it possible to have your store’s currency be, for example, the Singapore dollar. Shopify’s regular prices start from $29.95 (USD) per month and there is a discount available if you pay for at least a year in advance. Shopify gives new users a 14-day free trial. Open your Shopify account.

Great for founders and business who want their store to look beautiful

There are lot of situations for which Squarespace is not the ideal ecommerce platform, but if you are looking to run a beautiful-looking online store that was easy to build, Squarespace can be a great choice. And what is particularly important and nice from the point of view of Squarespace and Singapore, is that Squarespace makes it possible for you to have your store’s currency be the Singapore dollar. And as far as the payment gateways go Stripe, for example, which is available in Singapore, can be connected to Squarespace.

With Squarespace it is important to notice that at least at the time of writing this their cheapest (“Personal”) plan does not include the option to do ecommerce. The cheapest Squarespace-plan with which you can do ecommerce costs $26 (USD) per month when paid month-to-month. Squarespace gives new signups a 14-day free trial. Try Squarespace.

Good ecommerce platform that keeps getting better – recommended especially for large(r) companies

There was a long time for which I wasn’t a fan of BigCommerce: their software was just bit too difficult to use, especially when considering how easy some other ecommerce platforms are to use. However, BigCommerce seemed to have realized that as they recently did a major update (really an upgrade) to their platform which made it much easier to use. And now, in my opinion, BigCommerce is one of the absolute best choices for launching an online store. And I would especially recommend BigCommerce for enterprise clients as BigCommerce seems to have decided to focus on that particular market much more than, for example, Shopify and Squarespace. BigCommerce’s current enterprise clients include companies such as Ben&Jerry’s, Fujitsu, Skullcandy, Toyota and Woolrich.

What is particularly interesting about BigCommerce and Singapore is that BigCommerce at least used to have an office in Singapore – despite of the company itself being from Texas. According to BigCommerce, payment gateways available for their customers from Singapore include, for example, Adyen, NMI, Paymetric, PayPal and Stripe. Test BigCommerce.

The information presented on this page regarding, for example, payment gateways, pricing and clients is from each platform’s website. Changes are possible.

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