Cheap Shopify themes – 3 good places for finding the best cheap Shopify themes

One thing that can be a bit annoying about Shopify is that, it doesn’t offer many free store themes. And to make matters worse the prices for the paid themes available via Shopify’s theme store start from $200.

Luckily though, it is actually possible to find Shopify themes that are priced at below $100. And even significantly so. From this page you can find three recommended ways to find cheap Shopify themes.

#1 Envato Market / ThemeForest – Shopify themes from less than $20

Envato Market, which is also known as “ThemeForest”, is a hugely popular marketplace for different website and ecommerce templates. And on a practical level something about its popularity tells the fact that they have a bit over 1,500 Shopify themes for sale and that the most popular Shopify theme available via the marketplace has been purchased more than 30,000 times.

Given the potentially huge demand and the fierce competition among those who make Shopify themes, it is not surprising that you can find some extremely reasonably priced & nice-looking Shopify themes from Envato Market. Below is an example of a theme that, at least at the time of writing this, is priced at just $29. And there are actually even cheaper themes for sale. Go to Envato Market.

#2 Envato Elements – access to Shopify themes from $16.5/month

If you are someone who likes to occasionally, or even quite often, change the store theme, it might be a good idea to choose Envato Elements over Envato Market. That is because Envato Elements is a subscription service, with which you get access to a huge collection of, for example, Shopify themes. And best of all, Envato Elements is quite affordable, as its prices start from $16.5/month+possible applicable taxes. Go to Envato Elements.

A screenshot of a Shopify theme available via Envato Elements.

#3 TemplateMonster – Shopify themes from $39

TemplateMonster can also be a good place for finding inexpensive Shopify themes. That is because, at least at the time of writing this, it has more than 1,800 Shopify themes for sale and because the cheapest themes are priced at just $39. Go to TemplateMonster.

Example of a Shopify theme found via TemplateMonster.

Is cheap Shopify theme a safe choice?

It should be. All the theme marketplaces presented on this page have been around at least for a decent amount of time and have a huge collection of themes to choose from.

For additional savings: if you want to keep your monthly costs of running a Shopify store down, it might be a good idea to use the Shopify discount.