Shopify plan subscription discount – This is how to get a Shopify deal

When you go to open a Shopify account you might notice that there is no place to enter a discount code. At least that was my experience. And additionally you might notice that even when you are paying for your subscription, there is no place for a code. That might lead you to conclude that it is not possible to get a discount on your Shopify plan subscription. However, it is indeed possible to get a discount and even a significant Shopify discount without any code.

That is thanks to the fact that Shopify offers around 25% off its three regular plans, Basic, “Shopify” and Advanced for those who pick an annual subscription instead of paying in a monthly basis. Thanks to those deals you can save more than $100 when choosing Basic as your plan and paying annually instead of monthly, more than $300 when doing that with the “Shopify” plan and more than $1,000 when picking the Advanced plan as your subscription level. Open Shopify account.

As picking an annual subscription required bit of a commitment to Shopify, you might be interested to read my article about if Shopify is worth it.

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