Get up to 20% off at Shopify – No coupon code needed!

Did you know that Shopify offers all of their customers up to 20% discount of their plans?

You might not, as the company doesn’t advertise it very aggressively (understandable as they want to maximize the amount of money they make). And best of all you need absolutely no coupon or promotional code to get the discount. All you have to do is to pay for one or two years in advance when using Shopify. That’s it. The promotional discount is 10% for one year and 20% for two years. It is good to note that the discount rate is applied to the whole duration of the order, so if you pay for two years in advance you are getting both of the years at -20% instead of the first one being at -10%. Get your discount now at

How much can you save with the deal?

The cheapest regular plan at Shopify costs normally $29 per month or in other words $348 per year when paid month-to-month. So, if you are buying one year in advance you are saving a total of $34.8. If you pay for two years in advance you are sort of getting a double discount in two ways as your discount rate now goes up to 20% and in addition that you get the discount for whole two years. So, in the case of the $29 plan you now end up saving $139.2.

With the very popular “Shopify” plan (something about its popularity tells the fact that it is named after the company...) you will save a total of $94.8 when buying a year in advance and extremely nice $379.2 when paying for two years in advance. With the company’s “Advanced” plan that is normally $299 per month the savings get even more impressive: in the case of one year you now save $358.8 and massive $1435.2 when paying for two years!

Are there any risks in using this promotional offer?

The only real risk would likely be that you decide that you don’t want to run your online store for at least that one year or two years. However, it is worth mentioning that if you are opening an online store you really should view it as long-term commitment, as building a loved brand, for example, takes a good amount of time. Seeing it as something that you plan to do for a good amount of time is important also because businesses usually have the highest profit margin on returning customers, and getting those naturally takes time.

How to invest your savings in your ecommerce business:

There is obviously nothing stopping you from taking the above-mentioned savings and putting them somewhere else, but as you are building an ecommerce store, you might want to consider investing them in your business. If you decide to do that, there are couple of good options on how to spend the money in order to try to get the maximum boost for your business. Maybe the most obvious choice would be to spend the money on advertising your store. Traditional advertising in television and radio can be quite expensive, but there are plenty of rather cheap options when it comes to online advertising. You might want to consider, for example, using Google AdWords or targeted Facebook ads.

In addition to considering spending the money on advertising, you might also want to spend it on buying a wider selection of products to your store. The odds are that if you are selling cheaper items, you can probably add at least one new product on your site for the savings you get with the discount.

In a way you could also “use” the money in giving discounts to your own customers. If you are, for example, selling some product usually for $50 you might want to lower the price to $39 until the difference between the amounts equals the amount you saved with the deal (you should obviously make it clear that it is a special offer). And as Shopify allows you to create your own coupon codes for your store, you might even want to do that. Using a promotional code can give an impression of exclusiveness.

One more natural option on how to spend the money would be to buy a premium theme at Shopify. While their free themes look quite nice, the paid themes that cost up to $180 can add a level of prestige and credibility to your store.

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