Shopify: 90-day free trial – what to know about the extended Shopify free trial

Shopify is currently (update: as of 1st of June 2020, Shopify has reverted back to the 14-day free trial) offering a very generous 90-day free trial. And given that most of Shopify’s competitors are offering a 14- or 15-day free trial, one might very well wonder if the Shopify’s 90-day trial is legit. Below we will address that concern and also give answers to couple (other) questions related to Shopify’s free trial

New: Will the 90-day free trial return?

It is possible, but as someone who has followed Shopify since late 2014 I suspect that it won’t happen any time soon: 2020 was the first time I have seen them offer the 90-day free trial to the public, and obviously this been a quite unique year. Get the current Shopify free trial offer.

Why is/was Shopify offering such a long free trial?

That has to do with the current situation in the world – namely the situation with the coronavirus and how it impacts businesses all around the globe. By offering a 90-day free trial (instead of the normal 14-day free trial) Shopify wants to help even more people move to e-commerce, as their previous business might be struggling with the dramatically decreased customer flow or they might see their job threatened. With that context in mind, it is easy to assume or rather even know that Shopify’s 90-day free trial is indeed legit (in case you have doubts about Shopify in itself I recommend this article: Is Shopify Safe?).

Can you launch a store during the free trial period? (answer applies also to the 14-day free trial)

When you register at Shopify and start building your online store during the trial period, you will notice that your store is locked by a password. And that might naturally raise questions about if you can actually run your e-commerce business during the trial period, and the answer to that is yes, yes you can. However, if you want to make your store public you need to pick the Shopify plan you would like to have, and you also need to give your payment details.

Luckily though giving your payment details and picking a plan doesn’t mean that your free trial ends right there: instead your free trial will continue, and you will be charged for your Shopify plan only once the original trial period ends. And if during the trial period you come to the conclusion that Shopify is not the right fit for you, you can cancel your plan before you get charged.

Can you get the Shopify plan discount on top of the extended free trial?

Yes. Even with the 90-day free trial you can take advantage of the up to 20% Shopify plan discount, with which you can save significantly when paying for your Shopify plan.

How long will the 90-day free trial be available for?

It appears that thus far Shopify hasn’t publicly commented on how long the extended free trial will be available for. But as it is not really a promotion, but rather a way to support people, it is likely to continue for quite a while. Update: As the trial ran from late March to 1st of June, it ended up being available for about 2 months. Start your Shopify trial.