Is Shopify the best choice for dropshipping? See the answer and read the reasons

At times it seems that “Shopify” is basically seen as the synonym for dropshipping. However, there are also other ecommerce platforms that can be used to do dropshiping. And the big question is, might one of those other platforms be an even better option for dropshipping or is Shopify indeed the best choice? On this page we aim to answer that question.

In practice that means that from the next paragraph of this page you can find our one word answer to the question of if Shopify is the best choice for dropshipping, after that you can find our reasons for the answer and then from the last part of this page you can find two recommended alternatives for Shopify.

Short answer: Is Shopify the best ecommerce platform for dropshipping? Yes. Go to Shopify.

Top reasons for why Shopify is the best choice for dropshipping

1: Shopify is the only ecommerce platform that has a direct Oberlo integration

While in the last couple of years the number of good dropshipping apps has grown rapidly, Oberlo is still one of the best dropshipping apps. And it is only available through Shopify. The reason why you can’t use Oberlo directly* with other ecommerce platforms, is that Oberlo is actually owned by Shopify and Shopify doesn’t want its competitors to able to offer it to their customers (as that might mean that more people choose some other ecommerce solution over Shopify).

* It is possible to use Oberlo with at least Squarespace by first opening a Shopify account. See this page for more information.

2: Huge number of high-quality dropshipping apps available

At the time of writing this Shopify’s app store has 265 dropshipping apps. That is a huge number and best of all, as the customer reviews make clear, a lot of those apps are really helpful for doing droshipping. For the sake of comparison, BigCommerce’s (one of the other leading ecommerce platforms), app store seems to have well under 100 apps that are related to dropshipping. It is also good to be aware of the fact, that because Shopify has the most dropshippers on its platform, the people who make apps for droshipping also have the strongest incentive to make apps for Shopify, and that can obviously lead to sort of a cycle where due to its existing popularity Shopify becomes better and better choice for dropshipping.

3: Shopify is well aware of how important dropshipping is for its customers

As Shopify is the most popular platform for dropshipping, it also itself has a lot of incentive to make sure that its customers continue to be happy when it comes to dropshipping. So you can expect dropshipping-related improvements and upgrades from Shopify, whereas some other ecommerce platform might not see investing in dropshipping-related features as nearly as important as Shopify does.

4: There is a lot of really good content about doing dropshipping with Shopify

If you go to, for example, YouTube you will quickly see that there is a constant flow of new and useful content about doing dropshipping with Shopify. On the other hand, there just isn’t that much of that type of content when it comes to the other ecommerce platforms and dropshipping. So if you choose some other platform for doing dropshipping, you will probably face a steeper learning curve.

5: Shopify is the overall best ecommerce platform

When you are thinking about which platform to choose for dropshipping, it is important to not only think about dropshipping itself but also about how good the platform is when it comes to other aspects of ecommerce. E.g. is the platform easy to use? Can you create a professional-looking store with the platform? And luckily Shopify is not only the best platform when it comes to dropshipping, but instead it is also the best overall ecommerce platform. Open Shopify account.

Alternatives for doing dropshipping

Wix – particularly easy

Doing dropshipping with Shopify is easy, but if you are looking for an even easier option, it might be worth trying Wix. With Wix you can build a reasonable stylish ecommerce store in less than 30 minutes and then easily install a dropshipping app such as Modalyst that is quite good. Try Wix.

WooCommerce – if you want to do more customizing

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin that you can install on a website that has been created with WordPress. After you have installed WooCommerce you can then install a dropshipping-plugin for WooCommerce itself. The nice thing about the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is that it allows you to do lot of customizing when it to your ecommerce site. The downside is that WooCommerce can bit more difficult to use than, for example, Shopify and Wix. See WooCommerce’s website.

If needed, you can find more dropshipping-friendly alternatives to Shopify from here.