Shopify: 3 months for $1 dollar/month – All you need to know

Shopify has quite recently introduced a new offer that can be excellent for those looking to get started with ecommerce. That is as at the time of writing this they are offering 3 months of their ecommerce platform for $1/month. Or in other words 90 days for just $3. That can mean significant savings for anyone looking get started with Shopify. Below I will go into more detail about this offer. If you have heard enough already, you might want to go to Shopify and enjoy the deal.

Is the deal real?

Yes and no. Everybody, including Shopify, talks about it as 3 months for $1/month, but to be exact you need to pay tax on top of each $1 payment. That obviously shouldn’t be a very large amount. Open your account.

How do I active the 3 months for $1/month Shopify deal?

You need to do basically absolutely nothing to use this offer. Just open an account, enjoy your free trial and after it ends pick your plan and subscription length. And actually you should be able to enjoy the $1 offer already before your free trial ends. Whichever subscription length you pick, Shopify will give you the 3 months for $1/month deal. Previously the $1/month offer was limited only to those who chose to pay with a monthly subscription, that was bit silly. So luckily, the offer is now extended also to those who pay with an annual subscription.

After you have chosen your subscription just pay the $1 for the first month. The other 2 $1 payments will be taken in 30 days billing cycle. So to be clear: you need absolute no special code to use this offer. This is the same as for the only Shopify discounts.

How much can I save with the $1/month deal?

The cheapest Shopify plan, Starter, costs $5/month. The cost of that plan is the same regardless of if you pay with a monthly or annual subscription. So, when using your $1/month for 3 months promo with the Starter plan you will save $12 ($15*3-$3=$12), no matter which is your preferred subscription length.

The second cheapest Shopify plan, Basic, costs $29/month with an annual subscription and $39/month with a monthly subscription. So, if you use the 3 months for $1/month offer and opt for the annual subscription of Basic you will save $84 ($29*3-$3=$84). In case of a monthly subscription of Basic you would save $114 ($39*3-$3=$114).

With the plan called just “Shopify” the cost per month with a monthly subscription is $105. So, if you would opt for that combination you would save $312 ($105*3-$3=$312). The per month price with the annual subscription of “Shopify” plan is $79, meaning that if you would go with that you would save $234 ($79*3-$3=$234).

The most expensive regular Shopify plan is called Advanced. The per month cost of that plan with a monthly subscription is $399. So, by using the 3 months for 3 dollars offer you save $1,194 ($399*3-$3=$1,194). That is the biggest savings you can get with this 3 month offer – almost $1,200, not bad at all. The cost of the Advanced plan with an annual subscription is $299/month. Meaning that in the case of that plan and subscription length you would get to enjoy savings of $894 ($299*3-$3=$894).

In addition to those plans Shopify also has a plan called “Plus”. It is meant mainly for particularly large clients. As you can can’t buy the Plus plan directly from the Shopify admin panel, it is unlikely that would get this $1 offer for that plan. If you would, it would mean some really huge savings, as the minimum cost of Plus is $2,000/month.

Is the $1/month deal the same for everyone?

There is a small difference at least for those who use euro (€) or UK pound (£) as their chosen currency for paying for their subscription. That is as for those the deal is 3 months for 1€/month or £1/month. With the euro-usd exchange rate and pound to dollars rate of the time that this article is written that means that those paying in euros or pounds pay a little bit more than those paying in US dollars.

How long free trial does Shopify offer to those using the 3 months for 1 dollar per month deal?

Shopify has experienced with different free trial lengths. The length that they have offered the longest is 14 days, but they have offered also, for example, a 90-day free trial. When publishing this page, Shopify is offering a 3-day free trial. And yes, as at least suggested earlier on this page, you can use both the free trial and the 1 dollar per month for 3 months offer.

Have there been also 2 months for $1/month and one month for $1 offers?

At least as far as I remember, yes. I believe that I have seen both of those on Shopify’s site, however the 3 months for $1/month offer has been offered the most often. If you go to Shopify’s website and see some other length than 3 months offered for this deal, you might want to check back in couple days and see if the 3 month offer has made a return.

Why is Shopify offering the $1/month for three months deal?

They likely just believe that this offer will make them in the long-run more money than the previous deals. That is as they likely expect a good percentage of those using the $1/month promo to continue using Shopify even after it concludes.

Can you use the offer if you opened your Shopify account before it started?

It seems that you can enjoy the offer if you have an old account, but are not currently a paying member. You can easily check if the promo is available for your by just logging into your Shopify account and seeing if they offer the deal when you go to pay for your chosen subscription. Go to Shopify.

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