Best Shift4Shop alternatives in 2021

Shift4Shop is in many ways a great ecommerce platform, but it is possible that some might also want to explore potential alternatives for it. On this page we present four Shift4Shop competitors that each have their own strengths when compared to Shift 4 Shop.

Square ecommerce – also has a free plan

If you are interested in Shift4Shop mainly because it can be free, Square ecommerce might be for you the best Shift4Shop alternative. That is as this platform also has a free plan. Square’s free plan is, at the time of writing this, available for merchants from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan – as you might know Shift4Shop’s free plan is available only for the US merchants.

Like Shift4Shop, Square ecommerce is also owned by payment company. That company is called “Square, Inc.” and it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At the time of writing this, Square Inc’s market cap is more than $100 billion, so Square ecommerce should be a very trustworthy ecommerce platform.

While Square ecommerce has its strengths, it is good to note that its free plan is more limited than Shift4Shop’s. The biggest downside of picking the free Square ecommerce plan over Shift4Shop would be that it doesn’t allow you to use a custom domain name.

Luckily though, Square ecommerce’s cheapest paid plan, that costs $12/month when billed annually, allows you to use a custom domain name. Go to Square.

Zyro – extremely easy-to-use & cheap

If you are looking for a Shift4Shop alternative because Shift4Shop is too complicated or even a bit overwhelming, Zyro might the best alternative for you. That is because Zyro’s ecommerce builder is extremely easy to use. And in addition to that Zyro is also quite cheap and allows you to build a beautiful ecommerce store.

Zyro’s prices for long-term subscriptions start from less than $10/month and by using the promo code SAVENOW you should be able to enjoy extra savings even over Zyro’s already discounted prices. Go to Zyro.

Shopify – the leading ecommerce platform

In my opinion, Shopify is in 2021 the best ecommerce platform and as such it can also be a great alternative for Shift 4 Shop. Shopify can be recommended especially for those who are looking for an ecommerce platform that offers great customer service, access to plenty of useful apps and lot of features. New Shopify users get a 14-day free trial. Try Shopify for free.

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BigCommerce – maybe the most advanced ecommerce platform

If you are looking for a Shif4Shop competitor that allows you to do a lot of customization, BigCommerce might be the perfect choice for you. That is because BigCommerce is an extremely feature-rich ecommerce platform.

A possible downside of picking BigCommerce, is that it has a steeper learning curve than some other ecommerce platforms. Luckily though, BigCommerce gives new users a nice free trial, during which you can test the platform extensively and see if it is the right fit for you. Try BigCommerce for free.

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Convinced that Shift4Shop is the best choice for you? Go to Shift4Shop.