Selling online in 2016 – 3 simple tips

With new year comes new challenges for many e-commerce store owners. The biggest challenge that most store owners face is that the competition is getting tougher every day. So with that in mind we have have listed below 3 super quick tips for e-commerce shop owners for 2016. These things won’t make you successfully automatically, but maybe they can at the very least give you something to consider when launching or running your online store.

1: Having a well function mobile version of your store is a must

Having a website that works well also on mobile phones is something that has been spoken a lot about in the last few years, but still there are some stores that don’t have properly mobile-optimized version of their website. In 2016 having a store that works well on at least most of the mobile phones is simply a must: the customers have come to expect it and you might not only lose single sales due to not having it, but you might also lose the whole customer – forever.

2: Become a brand – not just 1 store among thousands

Regardless pretty much what you are selling online, you can be sure that there competitors that are selling either the same products or at least products that the potential customers considers as substitutes for one and other. There are obviously ways for you try to convince the potential customer to choose your store: you might for an example try selling the products cheaper or promising better deliveries. But if you wan’t to stick in the customers mind for a long time and avoid getting into the endless race to the lowest price, you should consider trying to make your store a brand – something that the customers thinks fondly of. Obviously turning a store into a brand is not easy, but a good starting point might be to consider if you could do something to make the store represent your good qualities as a person: maybe you are happy and bubbly or maybe you are someone who wants to keep everything extremely well organized – the options are endless.

3: Consider strongly adding your own products

When we say “own” we don’t necessarily mean something that you have actually made yourself, but instead for an example something that you have ordered in bulk from China and had branded the way you want them to be. Selling your own products provides often much bigger profit margins, so especially if you already have lot of volume coming to your store, you should consider adding them.

That is all for now. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2016.