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This website and its partners can use cookies. They are used to improve the service quality and to collect relevant information.

Information collected on the visitors

We can collect, for example, the following information: the device used to visit this website, the time spent on this site, the location of the visitor and the actions taken during the visit. And if a visitor makes a comment on this website, we will also receive the IP-address the comment came from.

Additionally, if a visitor contacts us, we will naturally receive any information that is shared with us.

The following products are currently used for collecting information

Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools & Lucky Orange.

This site is operated by

Inbounds Online, of which the registered address is Niittysillankulma 2 C 7, 02200, Espoo, Finland.

For more information, please use our contact us -page.

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This privacy policy page has last been updated on 22nd of April 2020. Changes in the future are possible.