Keep your options open when starting an e-commerce business

While you should certainly do some planning and thinking before when launching your e-commerce business, there is also an argument to be made for keeping your mind open when getting started.

One of the big things that many people launching online businesses will encounter, is the fact that their assumptions about the market might be quite wrong. You might, for example, find that despite of the fact that you think that some product is the best possible product on the market and also relatively cheap, your customers don’t really have any interest in. Additionally, you might find out that your ideas about how you are going to drive traffic to your store were completely wrong and turn out to be frustratingly ineffective.

So, what does this mean in practice? Well for one, you should probably launch your store using a cheap e-commerce platform, instead of investing lot of money straight from the start on a custom-built store. And taking that a step forward, when you are just getting started it might be a good idea to avoid long-term commitment to a (specific) e-commerce platform. While I think that it is usually a good idea to take advantage of, for example, the Shopify discount that is available for those who pay for a year or two in advance, in the case of absolutely no experience with e-commerce, it might be advisable to pay the bit higher monthly price. This just in case that within the first two months or so you will decide that your idea was so wrong that you now have absolutely no interest in running an online business.

Thirdly, when you are naming your online store, it is a good idea to spend little bit of time on thinking about the name – while a very product specific name might at first sound like a good idea, it might actually cause lot of branding troubles down the line, when you are ‘stuck’ with it and it limits your capabilities of going to (more profitable) direction with your store. It is probably no coincidence, that very few of the big brands of the world appear to have a name that tells you exactly what their business is all about. This ambiguity can be especially great in the rapidly evolving world we now live in.

One quite specific advice that can be given in the spirit of this article, is that one should probably do lot of inexpensive testing in terms of products and marketing approaches. The way how operating an online business allows for running cheap tests, is one of the really nice advantages of e-commerce and still it appears that not enough people take advantage of it. After all, you never know how doing that little $5 experiment with new kind of ads or listing some new speculative product to your store might end-up meaning to your business and even to your future.

P.S. When running tests do not forget to try to analyze results, even if the test failed miserably, there might be lot to be learned.Also, see this for more about running tests (online).

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