Does Oberlo work with Wix? What is the best Oberlo alternative on Wix?

Oberlo is an app that can make dropshipping much easier than it would be otherwise. And thanks to that it has become extremely popular. However, Oberlo unfortunately does not work directly with every e-commerce platform. And one of those platforms Oberlo does not work directly with is Wix.

Is there a way in which you could get Oberlo to work with Wix?

Yes. It should be possible by first opening a Shopify account, then connecting Oberlo to your Shopify account, then through Shopify creating Buy Buttons for products from Oberlo and finally copying the Buy Buttons -code to your Wix site.

However, at least I wasn’t able to get this integration to work Wix (I did get it to work with Squarespace, so it is at least technically possible). But as Shopify gives new users a 14-day free trial you might also want to test it and see if you can get Oberlo to work with your Wix account. You can read more about the Shopify + Wix -integration from here.

Why does Oberlo not work directly with Wix?

That is most likely because Oberlo is owned by Shopify (review). Oberlo was not initially owned by Shopify, but they bought it in 2017 for an estimated $15 million and given the amount invested and how popular Oberlo is among Shopify’s customers, it is not surprising that they have wanted to keep it as exclusive as possible for Shopify’s customers.

Is it possible that you can in the future (easily) use Oberlo with Wix?

I would say that it is very unlikely. Oberlo’s popularity has helped the word “Shopify” become basically synonymous with the word “dropshipping” and played a big part in Shopify’s massive success. As such it is unlikely that they would want to make it possible so that you can use Oberlo easily with the ecommerce platforms that are Shopify’s direct competitors.

What are the best Oberlo alternatives for Wix users?

There are three apps that I recommend to those who would like to do dropshipping on Wix with some other dropshipping solution than Oberlo. Out of those three apps, in my experience, the best one is Modalyst.

Modalyst is a lot like Oberlo, but with some differences. Based on my experiences the one big thing Modalyst has going over Oberlo is that its user interface is better. And in practice, the user interface of Modalyst, for example, makes it easier to find products/suppliers based on the desired location, which obviously is helpful if you want to make sure that you can offer competitive shipping times.

Earlier Modalyst used to suffer from the problem that it had much fewer suppliers you could choose from than Oberlo had, but with the recently announced Modalyst + AliExpress partnership the situation should now be much better.

The second Oberlo alternative I can recommend to Wix users is Spocket. This dropshipping app can be an especially good choice for those who would like to dropship a bit more expensive items from the EU and the USA. The downside of using Spocket is that it is not free and additionally, it can initially be a bit confusing.

And the third Oberlo alternative I would consider when using Wix is Printful. This app is particularly easy to use and in addition to that free. Thus it can be a great choice for dropshipping beginners.

Is Wix itself good for dropshipping?

Wix has clear strengths when it comes to dropshipping, and in practice, Wix can be an especially good choice for dropshipping for those who are looking for a really easy way to do it (go to Wix). However, at least in my personal opinion, it is not the best ecommerce platform for dropshipping.