Does Oberlo work with Wix? What is the best Oberlo alternative on Wix?

Oberlo is an app that can make dropshipping much easier than it would be otherwise. And thanks to that it has become extremely popular. However, Oberlo unfortunately does not work with every e-commerce platforms. And one of those platforms Oberlo does not work with is Wix. Or to be more specific, there at least isn’t an easy to get Oberlo to work with Wix.

Why does Oberlo not work with Wix? That is most likely because Oberlo is owned by Shopify (review). Oberlo was not initially owned by Shopify, but they bought it in 2017 for estimated $15 million and given the amount invested and how popular Oberlo is among Shopify’s customers, it is not surprising that they want to keep it as exclusive as possible for Shopify’s customers.

What is the best Oberlo alternative for Wix users? In my experience the best dropshipping software that works with Wix is Modalyst. Modalyst is lot like Oberlo, but with fewer suppliers.

However, while Modalyst has fewer suppliers than Oberlo, it can be easier to use and it especially can be easier to find EU-based suppliers through Modalyst than it is through Oberlo. That can be very valuable, for example, for optimizing the shipping times (and being able to reduce shipping times can then in turn lead to more customers buying from your store).