MyShopify – what it is and what you should know about it

Shopify is a popular online-based software that allows anyone to easily and quickly create an e-commerce store. When one initially opens a store with Shopify they are assigned a store URL that follows the pattern of In other words, if you open a store with Shopify your store will at first have the element “” in it. And as there have been over 1 million stores created with Shopify, there have also been a lot of stores with “MyShopify” in their domain.

While you are initially assigned the domain, most people choose to quickly change their store’s domain to something proper, e.g., as that can be better for attracting customers and building trust with the customers. So why do some store owners stick with the MyShopify-domain? That is likely because changing your Shopify-store’s URL to a custom URL requires one to buy a custom domain name and connecting it to their Shopify account. In other words, it requires a bit of money (usually about $10–$15/year) & effort and some might not be willing to invest those.

Can you trust stores that have

There is nothing that automatically makes a store using the MyShopify-URL untrustworthy. However, unless the store is very new, the store continuing to use that domain instead of a custom domain name might indicate that the store owner is not willing to invest in their online store and that should maybe raise some questions. So if you are thinking about buying from a MyShopify store, it might be a good idea to send an email to the store and try to verify that it is indeed a trustworthy place to buy from.

MyShopify-stores and long shipping times

There appears to be some complaints about long shipping times from people who have bought from a store that uses a MyShopify domain name. My guess is that in most cases the long shipping times are a result of the fact that MyShopify-stores often use a so called dropshipping-model for their store.

The basic idea of dropshipping is that instead of the store first ordering the product(s) to it and then shipping them to you, they simply forward the order you placed on the store to a manufacturer and that manufacturer is then supposed to send the product(s) to you. And as many of the manufacturers are in places such as China, the shipping times can be weeks when ordering to places such as the United States or Europe from a store that uses dropshipping.

The reason why particularly many MyShopify-stores might be using the dropshipping-model is that it can be much cheaper and lower risk way to run an online store than the more traditional way of first buying the products to yourself and then selling to customers is. And while dropshipping can be completely legitimate way to do ecommerce, it can become problematic if the store owner is not open and honest about the possibility of long shipping times. Thus if you are in hurry to get the product(s) you are looking to buy, it might be a good idea to contact the owner of a MyShopify-store you are interested in buying from and seeing what they say about the shipping times.

MyShopify reviews and discounts

As there are a lot of MyShopify-stores, it would be a mistake to assume that the reviews you can find from online would be about the same MyShopify-store. That is obviously unfortunate for the honest store owners who are simply for some reason using a MyShopify-domain instead of a proper one and now have to suffer from the fact that there are less trustworthy people who through their actions are harming the reputation of other MyShopify-stores.

And as there are indeed a lot of different MyShopify-stores, there is also no discount code that would work for all of them. However, if you have stumbled on this page because you are looking for a discount for running your own MyShopify-store, this page is likely to be helpful.

Open your own Shopify store

Opening a Shopify store is extremely easy. And best of all new users get a 14 day free trial, after which the cheapest regular price for using the platform is just $29/month.

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