Most popular e-commerce platforms in 2020

It is not easy to figure out exactly how popular each e-commerce platform is. The reasons for that are plentiful. To start with, some platforms like to talk about the number of customers who have used their solution while others talk about the number of customers who are currently using it. And still others might not reveal any numbers at all. And then there is also the case of the e-commerce platforms that are not standalone services but rather just something that a company offers as an alternative to their traditional website builder. Despite of these limitations we will on this page try to give some estimations about the relative popularity of e-commerce platforms in 2020.

This page has been structured so that we first list those popular services that are all about e-commerce and after that those popular services for which e-commerce platform is only part of the offering.

Quite possibly the most popular platform – Shopify

Based on the information on Shopify’s website more than 1 million online businesses are currently using its platform. Additionally, Shopify reveals on its site that more than $150 billion worth of transactions have take place on stores powered by Shopify. These numbers quite likely make Shopify the most popular e-commerce platform of 2020.

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Also very popular – Woocommerce

Woocommerce used to share on its website the number of times the Woocommerce e-commerce plugin/platform had been downloaded. Those numbers were extremely impressive. The issue was that the number of downloads doesn’t really give a good idea about the number of stores that are currently using Woocommerce. However, based on the discussions around Woocommerce, that number is quite high. And indeed Woocommerce might even rival Shopify for the spot as the most popular ecommerce platform.

Magento – possibly over 250,000 merchants

Magento focuses on serving large ecommerce businesses and has been extremely successful in it: according to themselves they have at least in the past had 250,000 merchants using their platform. However, there does not appear to be precise 2020 statistics about how many stores are currently using Magento.

Bigcommerce – used by more than 60,000 stores

Bigcommerce is pleasantly open about how many online stores are currently using its platform. And according to a 2020 press release that number is more than 60,000. And that should make Bigcommerce one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

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Ecwid – popular, but exact numbers are not clear

According to Ecwid’s website more than 1.6 million small businesses “have trusted” Ecwid. The issue with that (impressive) number is that it doesn’t say anything about the number of businesses that are currently using Ecwid. However, it is safe to assume that Ecwid ranks among the most popular e-commerce platforms. That assumption is backed up by the fact that according to Ecwid’s website, its merchants have generated more than $4 billion in revenue.

Bigcartel – has been used by over 1 million creators

Bigcartel focuses on serving artists who want to sell products online. Despite of this seemingly narrow focus, based on information from Bigcartel’s website, their e-commerce platform has been used by more than 1 million people. And that is obviously quite impressive.

Volusion – another popular e-commerce solution

Just like Ecwid, Volusion also talks about those who “have trusted” them. With Volusion that number is 180,000, so significantly smaller than the one at Ecwid. Despite of that Volusion is still likely quite popular even among those who are currently running an online store.

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3dcart – over 20,000 merchants

3dcart is pleasantly open about their popularity: based on information on their website, over 22,000 merchants are currently using 3dcart. This number, while significantly lower than, for example, Bigcommerce’s, earns 3dcart a spot on this list.

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Wix – hugely popular, at least as a website builder

According to Wix’s website they had massive 150 million users in 2019. However, the issue with that number in the context of e-commerce platforms is that, Wix appears to mainly cater to those who are looking to launch a traditional website rather than an online store. That despite of the fact that Wix’s platform is actually, in my opinion, one of the best of 2020.

Weebly – popular and focusing increasingly on e-commerce

It is difficult to estimate how popular Weebly’s e-commerce platform is, but as a solution for running a website they are certainly very popular. That is as Weebly says that it “power millions of businesses on more than 50 million sites”. But obviously that statement doesn’t differentiate between traditional websites and e-commerce stores. And to make it even more difficult to estimate how popular using Weebly for e-commerce is, the company used to be very much focused on traditional websites but has clearly been moving more into the direction of becoming an e-commerce platform.

Squarespace – popular, but focuses mainly on traditional websites

Squarespace has more than 1000 employees and as such it is safe to assume that its service is very popular. However, Squarespace seems to be considerably more focused on its website builder than on its e-commerce platform and as such, it is probably safe to assume that Squarespace is not as popular as many other services for running an online store.