Modalyst new works with AliExpress

Exciting news for all of us who like the Modalyst –dropshipping app but have been bit worried about the limited number of products to choose from: Modalyst has just announced that they have started a new partnership with AliExpress.

The new integration between Modalyst and AliExpress means that now users of Modalyst have access to a much wider selection of products to list with Modalyst on their ecommerce website. And best of all, according to the announcement information from Modalyst, you will still also have access to those previous dropshipping partners, with whom you could, for example, be able to offer fast shipping times to EU-based customers.

The new partnership between Modalyst and AliExpress is great also because it means that the dropshipping app -market is now even more competitive than it has been before. And hopefully that will, for example, push Oberlo to improve their offering. That as because as much as at least I like Oberlo, they certainly could benefit from a small upgrade to their user interface, as it can sometimes be bit difficult to find the right kind of suppliers with Oberlo.

List of some benefits of the new Modalyst + AliExpress integration (per email from Modalyst):

  • 100% free to use and there are no transaction fees.
  • You get instantly approved to start selling the products from AliExpress.
  • You should be able to sell products that are located in US, Europe, Russia, China and Brazil – this hopefully helps ensure being able to offer fast shipping times.
  • Exclusive discounts.

How to get started with using Modalyst:

Unlike Oberlo, Modalyst works with bunch of different ecommerce platforms, including, for example, Shopify, Wix and BigCommerce. So simply open an account on one of those platforms, install the Modalyst app and start dropshipping!