Best e-commerce platforms for mobile commerce

In the last few years mobile commerce has been growing at astonishing rates. And thus it is these days crucial that your online store is well optimized for mobile buying. From below you can find three suggestions for those e-commerce store owners who really want to make sure that they are providing good service for those of their customers who are shopping on mobile phones.

Best e-commerce platform for mobile commerce

Shopify is in my opinion clearly the best choice in this category. There just does not seem to be another company that puts as much effort as Shopify in making sure that their platform works great for as many shoppers as possible. And in addition to that, Shopify is also very easy to use from the store-creator’s point of view. Prices for regular Shopify plans start from $29/month (and it is possible to get a discount). Try Shopify now.

Clearly a good choice for those interested in focusing on mobile commerce

Bigcommerce lists on their website some of the stores that are using their platform. And based on browsing/testing few of those stores, it is clear that Bigcommerce can also be a great choice for lauching a store that needs to function well on mobile devices. Bigcommerce’s prices start from $29.95/month when paid in monthly-basis and they offer a 15-day free trial. Try Bigcommerce for free.

One more good platform for a mobile-optimized e-commerce store

When it comes to purely how easy it is to create a nice looking and decently functioning online store, Squarespace might even beat Shopify and Bigcommerce. Unfortunately though, they do not seem to care as much about e-commerce as those two platforms do and that can show, for example, in how many and how good modifications you can do to your own store. Read more about Squarespace.