Is Squarespace worth it? – This is what I think after using it for multiple years

I think I started using Squarespace in 2017, so by now I have used it for a quite a long time. I think that in that time I have developed enough understanding of Squarespace to say if it might be worth the price you have to pay for it. These are my thoughts related to it, you can find the summary of who I think Squarespace is worth it from the end of this page. Feel free to skip there.

Extremely easy to use

If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend lot of time on creating a website Squarespace can be a very good choice. Their website builder just makes building a website very fast, and I think that goes even for those who have never before even tried building a website. You shouldn’t need any knowledge of, for example, computer programming to be able to build a website with Squarespace.

You can make an awesome looking website

While Squarespace being easy to use is obviously nice, it would be sort of worthless if you couldn’t make a nice website with Squarespace. And I’m happy to say that with Squarespace it is easy to build a professional and beautiful looking website. That is to a big part thanks to their awesome website themes that you can use with no extra cost.


One of the most important things about a website is that it is actually available to potential visitors whenever they want to visit the website. And I’m pretty sure that I have never seen the websites I have built with Squarespace to be offline. And if I recall correctly I have also never seen the Squarespace admin panel to be unavailable to use.

Quite affordable but not the cheapest

At least at the time of writing this, Squarespace gives new customers a 14-day free trial. After that the cheapest Squarespace plan for traditional websites costs $23+taxes/month with a monthly subscription and $16+taxes/month with an annual subscription. The cheapest Squarespace plan with which you can do ecommerce costs $33+taxes/month with a monthly subscription and $23+taxes/month with an annual subscription. These are not huge prices and compared to, for example, Squarespace’s biggest ecommerce competitor, Shopify, Squarespace can be cheaper for those who want to run a stand-alone ecommerce store.

However, for example, Hostinger Builder is available for a considerably cheaper price than Squarespace: you can use it with an annual subscription for the first year for a per month cost of less than $4. And given that Hostinger builder is in my experience quite good, I would recommend it to those who feel like Squarespace might be at least bit too expensive. Hostinger Builder can be used for both traditional websites and ecommerce. Buy Hostinger Builder.


Squarespace is worth it if you want to build a beautiful website easily and have at least a reasonably good financial situation. If your financial situation is not at least quite good, I would recommend going with Hostinger builder over Squarespace. Go to Squarespace (should open in a new window) or if you would like to buy Hostinger Builder.

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