Is Shopify worth it in 2023? Is starting a Shopify store a good idea?

Shopify is in my opinion the best ecommerce platform. So that is a clear argument for Shopify being worth it. When you combine that with the fact that it is still very possible to launch an ecommerce business that becomes even highly succesful, it is easy to conclude that it can also in that way be very much worth it to get into ecommerce and especially with Shopify. At the same time, it is good to notice that using Shopify isn’t easy money. You can’t expect to build a Shopify store in a couple of hours, add some dropshipping products and start making thousands a month. The competition in ecommerce is these days just too tough for that.

But if you have a good plan on how you will get customers to your store, can offer them products they are intrested in, are able to provide them with attractive pricing and on top of that are able to ensure at least quite reasonable shipping times and offer good customer service, you might able to build a huge ecommerce business.

Something that can make Shopify especially much worth it at least when I’m writing this page, is Shopify’s offers to new customers. They offer a 3-day free trial, which in itself is not that special, but then on top of it they give 3 months for $1+taxes/month. In a fast moving space such ecommerce 3 months can be plenty of time to figure out if A) ecommerce is for your and B) if you might have the skills to build a profitable ecommerce business. And if ecommerce is for you and you seem good at it, it is likely easy to justify paying Shopify’s regular subscription prices after the 3 days + 3 months period. Even the normal Shopify subscription prices not very high when considering the amount of money changing hands in ecommerce.

To summarize: Shopify can be easily worth it if you have the motivation and skills, or at least the willingness to learn the skills, to succeed in ecommerce. If you are lacking either, Shopify or even ecommerce in general might not be worth pursuing for you. Open Shopify account.

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