Is 3dcart safe? is it legit? – Read the security related facts about 3dcart

3dcart is one of the e-commerce platforms that is not quite as prominent in the media as something like Shopify. And when you combine that with the fact that 3dcart is also cheaper than Shopify and in addition to that even runs lot of really nice discount promos, one might start to wonder if 3dcart is legit? Or if building and running an online store built on 3dcart’s platform is safe. On this page I will try to address these questions.

Is 3dcart legit?

In many other industries a 23-year-old company might not rank among the oldest. However, having been founded already in 1997, 3dcart is significantly older than companies such as Shopify and Wix. And naturally the fact that 3dcart has been around this long, points to it being legit.

3dcart is also decent sized company: their LinkedIn-page shows that at the time of writing this 3dcart has 82 employees (who are using LinkedIn). While 82 employees is considerably less than something like BigCommerce (796 registered on LinkedIn) has or even Volusion (248 registered) has, it does mean that 3dcart is not really a small company. And while small companies can obviously also be extremely trustworthy, 3dcart’s size is certainly a further sign of it being legit.

All 3dcart stores get a free SSL certificate

SSL certificates add a level of security to using websites and online stores. And there is at least one e-commerce platform that traditionally has not included a free SSL certificate for at least some stores launched on their platform, but rather the store owners have had to buy them separately. Luckily tough, at 3dcart a free SSL certificate is given to every store – no matter if you buy the very cheap “Startup”-plan or if you spend a little bit more on your 3dcart plan.

In my mind the fact that 3dcart is giving out free SSL certificates indicates at least two things: 1) they care about those running stores on their platform and of those who use the stores being run on their platform and 2) 3dcart prioritizes security over short-term profits.

3dcart’s customer support can be contacted in multiple ways

You can contact 3dcart’s customer support team by email and phone and through a live chat window. And you can contact them 24/7 365. The fact that there are many ways to contact 3dcart’s support, naturally adds a level of security to using 3dcart.

Free trial and money-back guarantee add to safety

3dcart offers its new customers a 15-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Both of these things can be seen to add to 3dcart’s safety.

What are customers saying about 3dcart?

When browsing through the customers’ comments about 3dcart on Trustpilot, couple themes emerge: 1) the platform is pretty good and 2) it could and should be faster to get in touch with 3dcart’s customer support.

Final verdict – Is 3dcart safe and legit and who it might be the best fit for?

Based on the facts listed above, I feel that that it can be concluded that 3dcart is legit and that building an online store using their platform is quite safe. However, based on the customers’ comments about 3dcart, it can be assumed that 3dcart is probably the best fit for those store owners who suspect that they won’t need lot of customer support. Try now 3dcart.

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Disclaimer: While I have tried to answer the questions of how legit and safe 3dcart is to best of my abilities, I naturally cannot guarantee 3dcart’s safety and the decision of whether to use it or not should always be made independently.

Have you already used 3dcart? How did you feel about its safety? Comment below!

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