How much does BigCommerce cost? – Information about BigCommerce costs

BigCommerce can be a great ecommerce platform for some situations. However, it is not always easy to figure out how much using BigCommerce costs. I hope that I’m able to help with that on this page.

Your BigCommerce plan

New BigCommerce users can get a 15-day free trial. If you want to continue as a BigCommerce customer after that, you will need to choose a paid plan. The options for that are “Standard”, “Plus”, “Pro” and “Enterprise”. Below is information about the cost of each of those.

Standard: $39+taxes/month with a monthly subscription, $29+taxes/month with an annual subscription.

Plus: $105+taxes/month when paying month-to.month, $79+taxes/month if paid for a year in advance.

Pro: $399+taxes/month if paid in a monthly basis, $299+taxes/month when paying for a year in advance.

Enterprise: Individually priced, but based on my knowledge at least usually minimum of $2,000/month. Discount on the per month price might be possible with a long-term subscription.

You might be upgraded to a more expensive plan or have to pay extra

The Standard, Plus and Pro -plans have a sales limit for a 12-month period. For the Standard-plan it is $50,000 and if you hit that you will be upgraded to the more expensive Plus-plan. With the Plus-plan the sales limit for 12 months is $180,000 and if you hit that you will be upgraded to the Pro-plan. With Pro-plan you will need to pay extra $150 per month for each additional $200,000 in sales past $400,000 in 12 months.

Payment solution provider costs

BigCommerce doesn’t charge extra transaction fees. However, it is very much possible that you will need to pay for the actual payment solution provider for allowing your customers to use the payment service. The cost of that can come in two ways: flat fee regardless of volume and/or a percentage of each sale you make. The flat fee might be, for example, $50 month and the percentage, for example, 2,5% of each sale. Going by those numbers in the examples and assuming that both of them are applied, if you sell $10,000 worth in a month you will need to pay a total of $300 month to the payment solution provider.

Theme cost

BigCommerce has free store themes that you can choose from. However, they also have paid themes. Those can cost up to $399/theme.

Domain registration and renewal

You can register a domain name through BigCommerce or register it at another service and connect it to your BigCommerce store. The normal price for .com registration and renewals per year at different service providers is less than $20, so not a huge amount when considering the cost in per month basis.

Apps to improve your business

BigCommerce has an app store that features both free and paid apps that can be integrated with your store. For the paid apps the cost can be more than $50/month per app.

Summary – BigCommerce cost per month

At cheapest the total cost of using BigCommerce can be less than $55/month. However, at most expensive it can be more than $10,000/month. The cost can vary greatly based on the BigCommerce plan you choose and on your sales volume. Go to BigCommerce.

The information about BigCommerce plan prices and sales limits was checked when writing this article. BigCommerce can make changes to both of those.

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