Hostinger or Godaddy in 2021? – my honest thoughts after using both

Hostinger and Godaddy are two popular services that offer, for example, hosting and domain registration. I have myself used both Godaddy and Hostinger for both of those things and from this page you can find my honest thoughts about the services/companies in question. Hopefully my experiences can help you choose which one to pick.

Hostinger vs. Godaddy: Technical quality of hosting

I was fairly happy with the up-time Godaddy’s hosting was able to offer as well as I was quite happy with how fast sites hosted on Godaddy loaded. However, in both of those regards Hostinger appears to be bit better than Godaddy: My site hosted at Hostinger has always loaded fast and I have never seen it being offline.

Ease of use:

Godaddy’s service is extremely easy to use for both hosting and registering domains names. Hostinger is also easy-to-use, but with it, it is important to make sure that your (possible) domain registration is processed. That as I wasn’t aware of some final confirmation needed for the registration and ended-up wondering why the domain name I wanted continued to be available for registration. As far as hosting goes, Hostinger has been very easy to use.

Pricing of Hostinger hosting vs Godaddy:

This where you find a big difference between Hostinger and Godaddy. That as Hostinger is especially for long-term hosting needs considerably cheaper than Godaddy. And in fact, as far as I know Hostinger is one of the absolute cheapest hosting services. In the picture above you can see example prices of some of Hostinger’s hosting plans, although it is good to be aware of the fact that the prices highlighted in the picture apply only for long-term hosting plans.

As far as domain registration prices go, Godaddy can be bit cheaper for new registrations but their renewal prices are quite high. Hostinger also has higher prices for domain renewals vs. new registrations, but the increase is smaller.

Customer service comparison:

One of the biggest issues I had with Godaddy was their customer service. For starters, you can’t reach their customer service via email, which at least when looking for technical support can be bit of problem as it can be difficult to explain over the phone the problem for which you need help. Secondly, my experience with Godaddy was that even when you could explain the problem to the customer service, they might not be very good at helping you solve the issue in question.

I don’t yet have as much as experience with Hostinger’s customer service as I have had with Godaddy’s, but thus far it has been more helpful and very quick to reply to my concerns. And unlike Godaddy’s support, you can contact Hostinger by message/email.

Reliability of the companies:

Godaddy was founded already in 1997, currently has over 5,000 employees and is stock exchange -listed with a market value, at the time of writing this, of over $10 billion. As such there are really no worries with Godaddy’s reliability. But that obviously is not to say that Hostinger wouldn’t also be reliable: Hostinger was founded in 2004 and has over 500 employees. On a personal level I have had no reason to suspect that either company would not be safe to use.

Conclusion: Should you choose Hostinger or Godaddy?

I personally no longer use Godaddy for hosting and instead use Hostinger & some other services which I started using before I learned about Hostinger. And I don’t think I will use Godaddy again for hosting, but might use Hostinger more in the future. In other words, I have come to the conclusion that at least for my situation of running reasonable small sites with long-term focus Hostinger is better than Godaddy.

Are there situations for which Godaddy is better than Hostinger? I would say that it can better if you are looking to buy and sell domain names. That as Godaddy has its own domain marketplace and as a lot of people already use Godaddy for buying and selling domain names, thanks to which it can be smoother to complete domain transfers when using Godaddy than it would be if you were using Hostinger.