Ecwid free trial? – Is there such available for paid plans?

As you might know, Ecwid has a completely free plan. Although with, for example, the limitation that it allows you to have at most a selection of 5 products for sale. In addition to the free plan Ecwid also has paid plans called “Venture” “Business” and “Unlimited” and especially if you choose to pay with an annual subscription for any of those the cost can be quite significant. So, the natural question might be, does Ecwid offer a free trial for its “Venture”, “Business” and “Unlimited” plans. And the unfortunate answer seems to be that there is no free trial for those plans. Go to Ecwid.

In my opinion, Ecwid should certainly consider introducing a free trial for those, to start with just for the interest of customer service, but it might actually even make good business sense for them. That as it might make more people ready to purchase a paid plan from Ecwid if they test it during a free trial and come to the conclusion that paying for it would be good value for money. Go to Ecwid.

Ecommerce platform free trial alternatives to Ecwid

BigCommerce – 15 days, can be great for those who are looking for an ecommerce platform with lot of customization options. Try BigCommerce for free.

Squarespace – 14 days, might be an especially good option for those who are looking for an easy way to create a beautiful online store. Try Squarespace for free.

Shopify – 3 days, in my opinion the best ecommerce platform. The free trial is short but new customers can get first 3 months for $1+taxes/month. Try Shopify for free.

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