Ecwid dropshipping – Tips on how to get started & information

It is possible to do dropshipping ecommerce with the Ecwid ecommerce platform. From this page you can find a quick guide on how to do it as well as information about using Ecwid for dropshipping.

How to dropship on Ecwid

In order to do dropshipping with Ecwid you need to do the following things:

  • 1) Open an Ecwid account.
  • 2) Design your store.
  • 3) From your Ecwid control panel choose “Apps” -> “App market” -> “dropshipping” -> your preferred dropshipping app (from the next section of this page you can find a little bit of information about the dropshipping apps that work with Ecwid).
  • 4) Install & activate the dropshipping app you would like to use.
  • 5) Push product(s) from the dropshipping app to your store.

Dropshipping apps that work with Ecwid

At the time of writing this, Ecwid should work with, for example, the Spocket, Syncee and Printful dropshipping apps. Having tested the Ecwid+Printful integration, I can say that using those together appears to be an extremely quick and easy way to start doing dropshipping with Ecwid. And when it comes to Spocket, I have in other contexts been quite impressed by their dropshipping offering.

The prices of the dropshipping apps that work with Ecwid range from free to more than $100/month.

Does Ecwid work with the Oberlo dropshipping app? It seems that it does not. And that is not really surprising as Oberlo is owned by Shopify, which is a competitor of Ecwid. If you are looking for more information about Shopify, you might want to read my review of it.

Is Ecwid good for dropshipping?

Because Ecwid offers a free plan it can at the very least be a good way to try dropshipping and see if it might be something you would like to invest (more) time and money into. Another clear benefit of using Ecwid for dropshipping is that it doesn’t charge additional transaction fees. That can be especially beneficial when doing dropshipping as with it the profit margins are often quite low when it comes to individual products/orders.

Even though Ecwid can be a quite good choice for dropshipping, there are ecommerce platforms that are, at least at the time of writing this, likely to be a better fit for those who are serious about dropshipping. If you count yourself in that category, you might want to see my list of top dropshipping platforms. And if you are overall unsure about if Ecwid is the perfect choice for your situation, you might be interested to read about Ecwid alternatives.

Are you interested in using Ecwid? Open an Ecwid account.

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