Ecwid alternatives – Best and free Ecwid alternatives

Ecwid is in many ways a good ecommerce solution. However, there are times when you might want to look for Ecwid alternatives. On this page I present what I think are the best Ecwid alternatives as well as two Ecwid alternatives that can be used for free, if you fit some requirements.

Best Ecwid alternative

Shopify is in my opinion the best ecommerce platform. So it naturally follows that it is also in my opinion the best Ecwid alternative. This can be a great ecommerce platform for both small and large businesses. The platform is, for example, at the same time fit for building a very professional online store and quite easy to use. Shopify offers 3 days for free and after that 3 months for $1+taxes/month. The normal cost for using Shopify to build a stand-alone ecommerce store is $29+taxes/month with an annual subscription and $39+taxes/month with a monthly subscription. Try Shopify for free.

Easy to use and affordable

Hostinger Builder is in my opinion the best ecommerce solution for beginners. So, if you count yourself in that category, Hostinger can be an especially great choice. This ecommerce builder is for example even very easy to use and available for a per month cost of less than $4 if you choose at least a 12 month subscription. Open Hostinger account.

Great for building a beautiful store

Squarespace is a quite simple platform, but thanks to the awesome ecommerce-fit templates they offer, it can despite of that be used for building a really nice-looking online store. This platform offers new customers a 14-day free trial and regular costs for plans that can be used for ecommerce start from $33/month with a monthly subscription. Try Squarespace for free.

Free for WordPress

WooCommerce is a plugin for the popular WordPress publishing platform. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is in itself free. However, to be able to use WooCommerce you need to have hosting for your website. You can either go with regular hosting or web hosting meant especially for WooCommerce. For example Hostinger offers the latter. At Hostinger the prices for WooCommerce hosting start from $3.99+taxes per month with 48 month subscription, with shorter subscriptions the per month price goes up. WooCommerce in my experience quite easy to use and can be used for building a nice online store. Buy WooCommerce hosting from Hostinger.

Possibly free for US customers

Shift4Shop can be used for free if you are from the US and process at least $500 in payments per month with a payment solution owned by the same company that owns the platform. Otherwise using this platform costs at least $29/month. A nice added benefit with choosing this platform is that all the templates are available with no extra cost. Open Shift4Shop account.

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