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It is not many years ago when setting up an e-commerce store used to be truly difficult – and expensive! These days there are many guides on how to create a store online, and best of all there are also lot of services that you can use to create an e-commerce webstore, even if you have absolutely no prior experience with creating a website. E-commerce platforms (this site) focuses mainly on these services and you can find full reviews of some of the best e-commerce platforms from our reviews -sections. However, if you are looking to choose an e-commerce software provider mainly based on what is the easiest service you have arrived to the right page. Below we look at what we believe to be the top 3 easiest platforms for setting up an online store.

What all these solutions below have in common: 

Because this page features the top 3 of e-commerce platforms when it comes to the easiness it is obvious that all of them are doing the most important things correctly. In other words things such as paying for your subscription, setting up a theme, getting order notifications and adding products to the website is easy on all them. The differences between these 3 come in the slightly smaller things.

Easiest e-commerce platform in 2015

Shopify – Start using Shopify

This year we rank Shopify as the easiest platform for creating a shop online. Their website seems to have been built truly all the users in mind. And so regardless of if you are a complete novice or the seasoned expert: you can build good looking websites easily and quickly with their platform. Just recently they introduced a new upgrade to their service called “Storefront editor” it is new feature intended for making editing and creating an e-commerce site even faster and more intuitive. You can see their promotional video about the “Storefront editor” below.  

With Shopify’s platform even the tasks that might sound like big challenges, such as setting up payment providers, are easy even for the non-technical persons. And best of all, if you do run into challenges, their customer service team is easy to reach (in our opinion they provide the best customer service in the industry).

In 2015 Shopify is not only the easiest e-commerce solutions but in our opinion it also clearly the best one when taking into account things such as as pricing.

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Building a store made easy


​Americommerce is not far behind Shopify when it comes to the easiness of creating a website intended for selling products or services online. In fact, if they continue making the type of a upgrades to their website that they have been making in the recent past they might even be able to take the number one spot on this list someday. However, at the moment they are ranked second simply because some of the more sophisticated features on their platform are not as easy to use as they are on Shopify’s. Also in our experience their support is not quite at the level of Shopify – however it is clearly the second best customer service available at the moment (and the silver medal is not a bad achievement when you look at how many competitors they have). If we had to mention the best thing about Americommerce, when it comes to the usability, it would without a doubt be the design of the store editor.They have clearly paid lot of attention on how the editor should be laid out and what kind of colors, for an example, make it easy and pleasant for the users to use.

The third best option

Bigcommerce  – Visit Bigcommerce

While the first two options listed on this page where close to the same level when it comes to the easiness of setting up a store, Bigcommerce is unfortunately at the moment quite a bit behind them. The design of their store editor is not even close to the as pleasant as it for the number 1 and number 2 ranked options. By no means is their editor awful (it wouldn’t be listed here if it was). But one could say that their editor looks like it was created in 2010 and the editors of Shopify and Americommerce look  like they were designed in in 2015. 

Start using the #1 online store builder.

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