Easiest ecommerce platform – best easy e-commerce solutions ranked (2020)

It is not many years ago when setting up an e-commerce store used to be truly difficult – and expensive! Luckily these days there are lot of guides on how to create an online store, and best of all there are also lot of services that you can use to easily create an e-commerce webstore – even if you have absolutely no prior experience with creating a website of any kind.

E-commerce Platforms (this site) focuses mainly on those services and you can find full reviews (see e.g. Shopify review) of some of the best e-commerce platforms from our site. However, if you are looking to choose an e-commerce software provider mainly based on what is the easiest service to use, you have already arrived to the right page. That is because on this page we look at what we believe to be the top 4 easiest platforms for setting up an online store in 2020. All the platforms listed below are also otherwise solid choices for launching an online store.

The easiest e-commerce platform in 2020

Wix truly has the easiest e-commerce store builder I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve tested plenty of them. With Wix you are able have a good-looking store layout ready in less 2 minutes after you start using their service. And after that it takes maybe 30 minutes to do small customizations to your store, so it looks and feel likes your online store.

In addition to it being easy to design a store with Wix, it also very easy to do things such as adding products to your store, pricing them, finding payment solutions and figuring out the shipping options. It really feels like Wix’s ecommerce platform has been built with the first priority being how to make the store builder as easy to use as possible.

And what is also great about Wix is that, it is also quite modestly priced: their cheapest normal e-commerce plan costs $23/month and it is very possible to be offered a discount after you signup for Wix and try it out for a few minutes. At least my experience was that, after about 2 to 5 minutes of using the service, I was offered a 50% discount on the two more advance Wix ecommerce plans.

Wix doesn’t offer a particular free trial, in the same sense as Shopify and Volusion (more about them next), but you can use a limited version of the service for free for as long as you want. Wix has no product or sales limits on any of their plans, which means that even though it is extremely easy to get started with Wix there is really no limit on how successful your store can become. Open a Wix account.

Weebly – extremely simple ecommerce solution

Due to its extreme simplicity and limits on how many products you can add to your store, Weebly is likely not the best solution for running a big ecommerce store. However, if you are looking to have a small store with maybe a handful of products it can be a great choice. And not least because of how incredible easy it is to use and how cheap it is (starts from around 10€ or $12/month when paid in annual-basis).

When it comes to how easy Weebly is to use, I especially like the fact that from the moment you open your account you will immediately know where you have to click in order to start doing the needed customization for your store. Weebly’s user interface is just that intuitive. Open your Weebly account.

Volusion – very easy and pleasant to use, but with limitations

Volusion doesn’t get talked about as often as some of the other top e-commerce platforms, and there are certainly reasons for it: especially Volusion’s cheaper plans are quite limited and Volusion’s payment solution is only available for merchants from the United States. However, when it comes to how easy it is to use a particular e-commerce platform, Volusion certainly deserves to rank among the best ones.

Volusion’s new store builder has been built in such a way, that it makes it very easy to choose a nice looking store layout and then do the needed customization to it, e.g. add the logo for you store and add the products you are looking to sell. When compared to Wix and especially to Shopify, there is also something about Volusion that makes it feel warm and approachable – like you don’t feel like you are going to break something if you try things and see what happens.

Volusion’s plans start at $29/month and with their cheapest plan you can add at most 100 products to your store and sell at most $50,000 worth in a 12 month period. Volusion offers new customers a 14-day free trial. Read more about Volusion’s plans.

Shopify – quite easy & great guides and customer service

In my personal opinion, Shopify is at the moment the best overall e-commerce platform. However, it could certainly be bit easier to use and feel bit friendlier. I think that this is at least partially result of the fact that Shopify’s store builder contains lot of different options and thinks to tinker with. And if you are just getting started with e-commerce, it might honestly be bit overwhelming. However, the good thing is that Shopify has really good guides on how to use their platform and their customer support also appears to be excellent. Due to those reasons and the fact that compared to many other e-commerce solutions it is still quite easy to learn how to use Shopify, it deserves to be ranked 3rd on this list.

Shopify’s regular prices start at $29/month and you can get a discount if you buy an annual or biannual subscription. At the time of writing this, Shopify is also offering a really nice 90-day free trial, during which you can already launch your store. That trial obviously gives plenty of reason to at least try Shopify and see how you feel about it.

Questions and answers regarding these platforms:

How quickly can I start selling products online?

It is not unrealistic to have a decent store ready and start selling products within 1 hour of signing up for an e-commerce platform. Although obviously being able to do that requires that you either already have the products you wish to sell or that you are going the dropshipping-route.

Do I need to customize my store for different devices (e.g. phones and laptops)?

No. All the top ecommerce platforms make it so that your store will automatically have a responsive design / layout.

Do I need to pay (also) for a store theme / template?

No, all the popular ecommerce platform services also have free templates to choose from.