Foxconn and etsy – e-commerce news March 6th 2015

Today marks the beginning of what will become a daily feature here on e-commerce platforms. From today on we will be publishing a list of the most interesting e-commerce related news, that don’t warrant their own article, that we come across every day. We will try to add little bit of our own commentary to each article, but in a way this  will also be a collection of the top daily ecommerce links.

Foxconn launches an e-commerce site

Wall Street Journal is reporting (paywall) that Foxconn has launched an e-commerce site targeting especially the Chinese market. Foxconn is mainly an electronics manufactures that works for an example with Apple and Nokia (most recently they have built the praised Nokia tablet). Given Foxconn’s expertise it is hardly surprising that the e-commerce site is focusing mainly on selling electronics and accessories.  The e-commerce site can be found at: Weirdly enough they don’t seem to own the domain, even though there is guaranteed to be some confusion when people mention the site to others. Well, at least is in for a nice traffic boost – although based on the website it is hard to say how they could monetize that easily.

The competition Foxconn is facing is obviously extremely tough as they will be going for an example against companies such as Amazon, Alibaba and​

Etsy is minor league compared to the real big boys of e-commerce

BusinessInsider (which for once is actually writing about business and not about, let’s say, celebs, has published an interesting chart showing the “gross merchandise volume of” few different e-commerce websites. The chart shows the actual dollar amount in billions for 2014. And it is easy to see that while etsy has managed to build a passionate fan base it is far behind the big e-commerce companies when it comes to money exchanging hands.  According to the chart etsy had volume of $2billion (obviously lot of money) in 2014, but ebay did more than 40 times that Taobao (owned by Alibaba) did more than 100 times that.