Cheapest ecommerce hosting 2021 & cheap month-to-month web hosting alternative introduced

There are basically three ways to create and run an online: you can create the store pretty much on your own, you can use a plugin such as WooCommerce that adds ecommerce capabilities to a WordPress-website or you can use an ecommerce platform. If you decide to go with one of two options mentioned first, you will need hosting for your store. And obviously it is not nice to pay too much for hosting, so below we present, what we believe to be cheapest hosting for an online store in 2020. Following that there is a very cheap alternative for those who would prefer to pay for hosting in monthly basis.

Hostinger – cheapest hosting for an ecommerce website – starts from about $1/month

Hostinger can be almost astonishingly cheap if you choose a long-term subscription. And as running an ecommerce store should be seen as a long-term commitment, there should be no problems with being willing to pay for a longer order. In practice the cheapest Hostinger plan costs, at the time of writing this, only around $1 per month. The listed price for the cheapest subscription is $0.99/month but taxes are added on top of that price.

You can get the roughly $1/month-price if you are willing to pay for 48 months in advance. From the image below you can see what the prices would be pre-tax, if you opted for a shorter subscription. It is good to note that the 12, 24 and 48 month orders renew at a higher price. At the time of writing this, the mentioned higher price for the 48 month order is $2.15/month. Go to Hostinger.

Hostinger is not only cheap

I have been using Hostinger for a while myself and have been surprised but its quality: the hosting seems to work well and the company seem to have, for example, good customer service. You can find out a bit more about my experiences with Hostinger from this comparison between Hostinger and Godaddy (which I have also used).

Hostinger and ecommerce – anything to be aware of?

Even though Hostinger hosts also kinds of websites on its servers, it does seem like they are starting to take special interest in ecommerce. That for example as they are now prominently highlighting their own store builder, Zyro (see review), on their website as well as discussing using WooCommerce with Hostinger. In my opinion those facts likely mean that Hostinger is likely to pay special attention on making sure their service works especially well with online stores. Launch your store with Hostinger.

Bottom line: I believe that Hostinger offers the best value ecommerce hosting.

Looking for cheap month-to-month hosting? DreamHost starts at just $4.95/month

The thing about great hosting deals is that getting them usually requires buying a long-term subscription. That is also the case with Hostinger. And while ecommerce should be seen as something you intend to do for a long time, it does sometimes make sense to pick a month-to-month hosting. And in terms of those, DreamHost offers a very cheap alternative: their cheapest web hosting costs $4.95/month. Go to DreamHost.

What other costs are there than hosting when running an online store?

If you can create the whole ecommerce store yourself your costs for creating and just having the store online can, in the ideal case, be pretty much limited to the hosting and the cost of a domain name for your store (typically about $10–$15/year). However, if you need to use, for example, WooCommerce (which itself is free, but usually needs paid-plugins) and buy plugins for it, the hosting can suddenly become just a relatively small part of your costs. And if you go the WooCommerce-route, you should be willing to set at least $150–$200/year aside for making your store as good as it can be.

Ecommerce platforms include hosting in their prices

While ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, can especially in the long-term be bit more expensive than creating store on your own and buying hosting for it, it is good to be aware of the fact that ecommerce platforms tend to include hosting (and many other things) in their listed prices. The end-result of this is that the cost difference between using a platform and doing everything yourself might not be very big. And if you assume some value for the likely difference in how much time it takes to create a store with a platform or yourself, using a cheap platform might actually suddenly become a better deal. We have explored the cheapest ecommerce platforms on this page – there are some really solid and quite inexpensive options.