BigCommerce Essentials in 2020 – review, pricing, plans, discount and more

BigCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. And one major thing that separates BigCommerce from its competitors, is the fact that it has sort of divided its platform in two parts: they have “BigCommerce Enterprise” that is intended for the big companies that want to use BigCommerce and then they have “BigCommerce Essentials” that is meant for all the other companies as well as for the individuals who are looking to use BigCommerce. And on this page, we will focus on the Essentials-part of BigCommerce.

Short BigCommerce Essentials review

Based on my experience of trying BigCommerce Essentials, using it is a rather quick way to build a nice-looking ecommerce store. And best of all BigCommerce seems to be interested in making the platform even better: they just recently did a nice upgrade that made the platform even easier to use than it was before. However, while BigCommerce is in many ways a really good choice for launching an online store, I would recommend that those who want to have their store in some other language than English test the platform well before paying for it. That is because at least based on my testing, BigCommerce is not always able to properly show the letters that are not included in the standard English-language alphabet (e.g. Å). Try BigCommerce for free.

For what it’s worth, if the possible “letter-issue” keeps you from using BigCommerce, you might want to try Shopify, as it seems to be better equipped at handling letters not found from the English-alphabet.

BigCommerce Essentials pricing and plans

There are three possible plans to choose from when using BigCommerce Essentials. The cheapest of those plans is called Standard, and it costs $29.95/month, the most popular (according to BigCommerce) plan is called “Plus” and costs $79.95/month and the most expensive plan is called Pro and costs $299.95/month. Those prices mentioned are assuming that you pay in monthly-basis, however, if you choose to pay annually you will get a 10% discount when choosing either the Plus-plan or the Pro-plan. With the discount the per month price of the Plus-plan drops to $71.95/month and the per month price of the Pro-plan goes down to $269.96. All the prices mentioned on this page are in US dollars and it is good to note that they do not include the possibly applicable taxes.

Which BigCommerce Essentials plan should you choose?

There are two major things to consider when deciding, which BigCommerce plan you should use. The first one is to consider if a more expensive plan includes features that you would miss when using a cheaper plan. And in my opinion, there are at least two important features that are not included in all the plans. The first one of those is “abandoned cart saver”, which can help you generate extra sales and the second one is product filtering. The “abandoned cart saver” is included in the Plus and Pro -plans, but not in the Standard-plan and product filtering is included in the Pro-plan, but not in the Standard and Plus -plans. In practice the product filtering -option allows shoppers to filter products based on factors such as size, color and brand. So, it is easy to see that it might particularly useful if you, for example, plan to sell clothes.

The second major thing you should consider when picking your plan is, how much sales you expect to generate. That is because all 3 of the BigCommerce Essential plans have a revenue limit, which means in practice that after you hit a certain amount of sales in a 12-month period you either need to upgrade your plan or pay extra to continue to use the plan. The 12-month revenue limits for each plan are as follows: Standard – $50,000, Plus – $180,000 and Pro – $400,000. If you hit the limit when using a Standard or Plus -plan you have to upgrade to a more expensive plan and if you hit the limit when using the Pro-plan you will have to pay extra $150/month for each additional $200,000 in revenue.

There are at least two ways to look at those revenue limits. On the one hand, people who are new to ecommerce can often overestimate how much revenue they will generate in the short-term and then on the other hand, something like $50,000/12 months is not very much revenue if your store starts gaining traction. So I would say that unless you need those product filtering options (which are included in the Pro-plan) for your store, it is probably a good idea to start with either the Standard-plan or the Plus-plan and then only if you need to, should you upgrade to the Pro-plan. Pick your BigCommerce plan.

BigCommerce Essentials vs Enterprise – which one should you choose?

The differences in features between especially the Pro-plan of BigCommerce Essentials and BigCommerce Enterprise are rather small, and as such I would recommend that unless you already know that your store will grow to become huge, just start with your preferred Essentials-plan and then later on consider if upgrading to Enterprise might make sense. This idea is supported by the fact that it would appear likely that using an Enterprise-plan is quite a bit more expensive than using even the Pro-plan of BigCommerce Essentials – according to BigCommerce the Enterprise plan is priced based on the customer’s needs, and that usually means that it is not cheap.

BigCommerce Essentials and dropshipping

It is possible to do dropshipping when using BigCommerce Essentials. The app store of BigCommerce features, for example, the popular Printful, Modalyst and Spocket -dropshipping apps. Unfortunately, BigCommerce does not work with Oberlo.

Free trial

BigCommerce offers new Essentials-users a 15-day free trial. Start your free trial.