BigCommerce Enterprise – Pricing, quality, safety and more information

Unlike some other ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce seems to very be intent on attracting big enterprise-clients. And as a part of that effort they have split their offering in two: they have “BigCommerce Essentials” for smaller businesses and then the enterprise part that is simply called “BigCommerce Enterprise”. On this page we look at some of the key facts about the enterprise-offering and if needed, you can find information about BigCommerce Essentials from here.

Is BigCommerce Enterprise a good choice for building and running an ecommerce store?

BigCommerce is one of the leading ecommerce platforms and possible the ecommerce platform that is improving its offering the fastest. Thus BigCommerce should be a good choice even for large ecommerce businesses.

Is BigCommerce Enterprise safe and secure?

BigCommerce was founded in 2009 and these days its hugely popular as well as listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Given these facts, it can be reasonably assumed that BigCommerce is very safe.

BigCommerce Enterprise pricing – educated guess about the possible price of BigCommerce Enteprise

BigCommerce uses custom pricing for its enterprise-solution and as such it can be difficult to get a good idea about what using it might cost. However, from below you can find one estimation about what the realistic price of BigCommerce Enterprise might for lot of customers be.

BigCommerce and its biggest competitor, Shopify, both have three “regular” ecommerce plans and the prices of those plans are very similar: at Shopify the prices are $29/month, $79/month and $299/month and at BigCommerce the prices are $29.95/month, $79.95/month and $299.95/month. Then on top of those three plans both Shopify and BigCommerce have their enterprise-plan (at Shopify its called “Shopify Plus”) and unlike BigCommerce, Shopify has been quite open about the price of its enterprise-plan: its costs start from $2,000/month.

And given that the prices of Shopify’s and BigCommerce’s regular plans are so similar, it should be reasonable to assume that the costs of their enterprise-plans are also quite close to each other. Thus, if you assume that using BigCommerce Enterprise could cost $2,000/month, you are probably not massively far off, but obviously there can be lot of variation based on each customer’s individual needs. Go to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus – which one is better?

BigCommerce and Shopify are very likely the two best ecommerce platforms and both are used also by a good number of big companies. And personally, I do not believe that it is possible to give a definitive answer to the question of if you should choose BigCommerce Enterprise or Shopify Plus, and instead I recommend testing both. The time it takes to test the two platforms and possibly discuss with their sales representatives is quite insignificant compared to the possible benefits of having chosen the right platform for your or your company’s specific situation. Go to BigCommerce Enteprise and/or Go to Shopify Plus (both links open to a new window).