Bigcommerce competitors (2020) – Good alternatives to Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce has a strong e-commerce product. However, as the company appears to become more enterprise focused, the people who are just looking to run a simple, easy, online store by themselves, might feel somewhat left out. And obviously in addition to that there might also be other reasons to start wondering if Bigcommerce is the right choice for you. No matter what your reason is for looking for Bigcommerce alternatives, it is good to note that Bigcommerce indeed has some strong competitors. In this article we introduce some of these and list their most important strengths, especially in comparison to Bigcommerce.

Shopify – The biggest competitor of Bigcommerce

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform. It has managed to become incredibly successful by making sure that its offering is attractive to both small and big stores alike. Based on my personal experience there are few things that make Shopify especially good choice for those running an online store: It is very easy to use, they have extremely good customer service, the platform is safe, stores built with Shopify tend to look like serious online businesses and it has solid pricing.

The pricing at Shopify works so that the cheapest (full) e-commerce plan is $29/month when paid monthly. That $29/month is already at itself bit cheaper than the cheapest plan of ‘Bigcommerce Essentials’, but what makes it even better, is that it is actually possible to get a 10% or 20% discount on it, if you pay for a year or two years in advance. Bigcommerce on the other hand seems to limit its discounts so that the 10% discount for the annual subscription is not available for the cheapest plan (called at Bigcommerce ‘standard’). Go to Shopify.

Squarespace – Very easy to build beautiful stores, but limited in terms of the customization

Squarespace can be recommended especially strongly to those who are looking to have a beautiful store with a limited number of products. Specifically, one could imagine, that when Squarespace is compared to Bigcommerce, Squarespace might be a better platform, for example, for those looking to sell expensive fashion items. However, while Squarespace makes it easy to build nice looking stores, it has some drawbacks.

The biggest of the drawbacks being that the platform is quite limited in how much you can modify your store. So, if you are someone who likes to tinker and can get annoyed by small things, Shopify might be the better choice for you: In addition to being also otherwise a great e-commerce platform, it also makes it very easy to do customizations. Squarespace is bit more expensive than both Bigcommerce and Shopify: The cheapest e-commerce plan at Squarespace (called ‘Basic’) starts at $30/month, when paid in monthly basis and if you pay for a full year in advance, the monthly price starts at $26/month.

3DCart – Looking to just run a small store? Consider 3Dcart

Although a significant percentage of those launching their e-commerce business are at least dreaming of growing it one day to be the next big thing, some might already from the beginning decide that they will be happy to have just a small online store. This could be, for example, because the store is just intended to be a side-business on top of their regular job.

If you are one of those people who is just looking to run a small store, you might want to consider 3Dcart as an alternative to Bigcommerce. This is mainly because out of these Bigcommerce competitors mentioned on this page, 3Dcart is the cheapest option for a small store. At 3Dcart the cheapest plan costs $19.95/month when paid in monthly basis and currently only $9.50/month, when paid for a full year in advance. Regarding that $9.50 it is good to note it is valid for a promotional period, and after that the price for the monthly plan, when paid in yearly basis, goes up to $17.10. However, even that higher price is almost half less than the price of Bicommerce’s cheapest plan.

The drawback of 3Dcart is that, it is not as sophisticated as an e-commerce platform, as Shopify. And when you are weighing the alternatives of Bigcommerce, it is good to keep that in mind. And thus all in all, I would say that, not only is Shopify the biggest competitor of Bigcommerce, but it is also for most people the best alternative to Bigcommerce. Go to Shopify.