Best ecommerce platform for dropshipping in 2023 & Alternatives

Dropshipping ecommerce has become extremely popular in the recent years. As such it is not a surprise that at least most of the major ecommerce platforms seem to be trying to improve their dropshipping offering. However, there are still big differences in how good different platforms are for dropshipping. On this page I introduce what I consider to be the 4 best ecommerce platforms for dropshipping in 2023.

Best ecommerce platform for dropshipping

Shopify is in my opinion the best ecommerce platfrom, used for dropshipping or not. And as it has done the most to attract dropshippers to its platform, it is in my opinion by wide margin the best ecommerce dropshipping platfrom in 2023. On a general level the benefits of this platform include for example it being easy to use for creating a professional looking online store and the fact that the platform has a great customer service. In terms of dropshipping, the biggest thing Shopify has going for it, is the absolutely massive number of droshipping app integrations.

At the time of writing this, Shopify offers new customers a 3-day free trial and 3 months for $1+taxes/month. As dropshipping is an especially fast moving form of ecommerce, that 3 months should be plenty of time to decide if you want to continue using Shopify when it is time for to quit or start paying the regular Shopify prices. The cheapest plan that you can use for building a proper dropshipping ecommerce store with Shopify is called “Basic” and it normally costs $29+taxes/month with an annual subscription and $39+taxes/month if you pay month-to-month. Try Shopify for free.

Advanced ecommerce platform

Something that Shopify could maybe improve on is how much customization they allow their users to do on a store. And if you are one of those who feels that Shopify doesn’t allow for enough of that at least currently, it might be worth looking into BigCommerce. This platform isn’t as easy-to-use as Shopify, but that is balanced by the fact that you can do even more changes to your ecommerce store.

From dropshipping perspective this platform is okay: it has a decent amount of dropshipping integrations. A possible issue with BigCommerce is that on its regular plans there is a sales limit. E.g. on its cheapest plan you can sell at most $50,000 worth in 12 months before you are upgraded to a more expensive plan. As dropshipping is to a large extent about being able to generate lot of volume, it is entirely possible to hit the $50,000 limit. BigCommerce offers new customers a 15-day free trial. Try BigCommerce for free.

Dropshipping on a WordPress site

If you have an existing WordPress website, using WooCommerce can be a free way to get started with dropshipping. That is one clear possible benefit in choosing WooCommerce for dropshipping. The other big benefit is that WooCommerce stores can be highly customizable. WooCommerce is quite easy to use, but if you want to make your store as good as possible, you might have to invest on buying add-ons for your store. To do dropshipping with the WordPress+WooCommerce combination you need to have hosting for your website. You can use either a standard hosting or buy hosting meant especially for WooCommerce. You can buy the latter, for example, from Hostinger. Buy WooCommerce hosting from Hostinger.

Easy dropshipping

Squarespace is not the most advanced ecommerce platform. However, it is in my opinion the best ecommerce platform for beginners. When you combine that with the fact that it is indeed possible to do dropshipping with Squarespace, it can in my opinion be considered at least a reasonably good choice for those who are looking for a particularly easy way to get started with dropshpping. Squarespace gives new customers a 14-day free trial and all their ecommerce templates can be used with no extra cost. Try Squarespace for free.

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