AmeriCommerce changes name to Spark Pay

Update July, 2020: The name has been changed back to AmeriCommerce. See our new AmeriCommerce review.

AmeriCommerce has recently announced that they will be soon switching the name of their platform.

AmeriCommerce, which is one of the leading ecommerce software providers, has been operating under its current name for multiple years, so the idea of changing their brand completely might seem weird to some. However there are several good reasons for what they they are doing.

Why AmeriCommerce is re-branding to Spark Pay

1: The new name gives the company a more global appeal

It is hard to say how intentional it has been with the previous name, but using name “AmeriCommerce” certainly seems to indicate that the company is focusing on the American market. Which is slightly odd considering that they have been offering their service also to global customers from all around the world.

2: Spark Pay is an existing product owned and operated by the new owner of AmeriCommerce

Spark Pay is an established provider of mobile payment solutions. And most importantly it is owned and operated by Capital One, which while ago bought the AmeriCommerce. service Adding the e-commerce platform under the Spark Pay brand should give the mobile payment solution a boost.

Combining the services is also a smart move considering how stiff the competition is between the e-commerce platform providers. Companies like BigCommerce and Shopify are constantly upgrading and improving their offering and the new Spark Pay “bundle” can been seen as a move to make AmeriCommerce even more attractive for customers choosing the platform to build their store on.

3: It is shorter than the old name

All the big online companies seem to be operating under a rather short name. Out of the big online businesses Facebook is using maybe the longest name and even its 9 letters is quite a bit shorter than the 13 letters AmeriCommerce contains. The new name Spark Pay cuts the length of the name to about half.

Is Spark Pay a good name for an e-commerce platform

But while the reasons for changing to the name to Spark Pay are obvious, one might question if the name itself is a perfect one for an e-commerce solution?

​The case against using the name would be mainly that the name might even be somewhat misleading: nowhere in the name does it indicate that the service can be used for building an online store, instead the name simply seems to indicate that it is some type of a payment service.

It will be interesting to see how successful the re-branding of the business is going to be.