Ecommerce platforms USA – Best US ecommerce platforms

In my opinion the world’s best ecommerce platform is made by a Canadian company. Some Americans might not be very happy with that :). Lukicly at least for those, there are also some good ecommerce platform from USA. On this page I introduce quickly three of those.

Best USA ecommerce platform

BigCommerce is not the world’s easiest to use ecommerce platform. However, it can be great for building a high-quality ecommerce store. That is, for example, thanks to how much customization it allows. Another great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge additional transaction fees of sales you make. BigCommerce offers new customers a 14-day free trial and after that it is available starting from $29/month with an annnual subscription and from $39/month with a monthly subscription. Try BigCommerce for free.

Has a free plan for those from USA

It can be said that Shift4Shop caters especially strongly to those who are from USA. That is as at least at the time of writing this the platform offers a free plan that is only available for American customers. The downside with the free plan is that you need to do at least $500 in monthly sales processed by a payment service that is owned by the same company that owns the platform. If you don’t do that you need to pay at least $29/month to use the platform. Go to Shift4Shop.

Name says it all

Even starting from the naming of the company, it is clear that the founders of AmeriCommerce were particularly interested in attracting US customers. As a platfrom this in my experience okay, but unfortunately not more than that. Maybe those behind the platform will make it better at some point. AmeriCommerce costs at least $49/month with a monthly subscription, which is not particularly cheap. Go to AmeriCommerce.

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