American ecommerce platforms – top US ecommerce platforms introduced

While ecommerce is in many ways global, many of the best ecommerce platforms do seem to be from the USA. And on this page we have listed the best ecommerce platforms that have their headquarters in the United States of America. This page was last updated in 2021.

Best American ecommerce platform – BigCommerce

The ecommerce platform of BigCommerce (review) used to be a bit difficult to use. However, thanks to recent updates it is now quite easy to create a nice-looking high-quality ecommerce store with BigCommerce’s platform. BigCommerce is from Austin, Texas and their plans start from $29.95/month. BigCommerce offers its new customers a 15-day free trial. Try BigCommerce for free.

Solid option for building a simple store – AmeriCommerce

When the name of a ecommerce platform company is “AmeriCommerce”, it should come as no surprise that the company is from the United States. To be more precise AmeriCommerce is from Texas. The AmeriCommerce platform is maybe not the most sophisticated one, but it is easy to use and can be a pretty good option for building a simple ecommerce store. The cheapest AmeriCommerce plan costs $24.95/month.

In case you want to learn more about AmeriCommerce you can, for example, check out our 2021 AmeriCommerce review. And if you would just prefer to test it yourself with you can open a AmeriCommerce account and get a 14-day free trial. Test AmeriCommerce for free.

Another good US-based solution for ecommerce – Squarespace

Unlike BigCommerce’s platform Squarespace’s platform appears to have always been easy to use. And in addition to that with their platform it is possible to create an extremely beautiful online store. Squarespace’s plans that have an e-commerce capability start from $26/month. Squarespace is from New York. See Squarespace’s website.

Free ecommerce plan available – Shift4Shop

It might be a great idea to check out Shift4Shop if you are looking for a company that is not only from the USA but also has a special offer for customers from the USA. That is as this ecommerce platform offers US-based merchants a free ecommerce plan that is told to be worth $229/month.

The catch is that you need to use the company’s own payment solution to be eligible for the free plan. Read more about Shift4Shop from our review.

Beautiful store builder & more – Volusion

If you are someone who considers it to be important that the software you are using looks good, Volusion is maybe the best option for you for building an online store. That is as Volusion’s new V2 -store builder just looks really nice and alongside with it is also quite easy-to-use – although, there are even more beginner-friendly ecommerce platforms.

One more thing that is pretty great about Volusion is that they charge no additional transaction fees on purchases made through stores built with their software. Volusion, just like BigCommerce and AmeriCommerce, is from Texas. Check out Volusion’s website.

Free or cheap US ecommerce solution – WooCommerce

WooCommerce differs from the e-commerce platforms listed above in one important way: you need an existing website, created with WordPress, to use it. That is obviously a possible problem for those who would like to create an online store quickly and don’t yet have a WordPress-website.

However, on the plus side using WooCommerce can be completely free – although lot of WooCommerce’s users quickly notice that they need to invest in plugins to maximize the quality of their store. WooCommerce’s headquarters are in San Francisco.

In case you would like to use WooCommerce, but don’t yet have a WordPress-site, you can find a couple recommended cheap hosting options for the WooCommerce+WordPress combination from this page.

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