Best Squarespace alternatives – Including free alternatives for ecommerce

Squarespace is in many ways a good option for building a website or an ecommerce store. However, one of the issues with Squarespace is that it is not particularly cheap. Luckily though, there are some very good alternatives to Squarespace that are actually cheaper than it is. And from below you can find our list of the top Squarespace alternatives.

Zyro – Overall best Squarespace alternative

Zyro is a lot like Squarespace, but in many ways better. And even considerably cheaper. That is as Zyro’s prices start from less than $3/month and even their ecommerce solution is available from less than $10/month, when picking a long-term subscription. From below you can find examples of long-term Zyro subscription prices that were available at least at the time of updating this page.

Even though Zyro shines when it comes to cheap pricing, the pricing is not the only reason for picking Zyro over Squarespace. And in practice, some of the things I like about Zyro include, for example, that its user interface is a bit better than Squarespace’s, the fact that it has nice templates and the fact that it seems to have great customer service.

Like Squarespace, Zyro also offers free templates for both traditional websites and online stores. And those looking to launch an online store should be happy to know that Zyro doesn’t charge additional transaction fees – at Squarespace those can be up to 3% of each transaction. Go to Zyro.

Zyro promo code: If you want to enjoy even cheaper than usual Zyro prices, I recommend using the Zyro promo code SAVENOW – it should give you a little bit of extra savings. Use the promo code.

Template examples from Zyro.

Best ecommerce alternative to Squarespace

If you are simply looking for the best possible solution for doing ecommerce, it is likely a good idea to use Shopify. When compared to Squarespace, Shopify offers, for example, more features, a much wider selection of useful apps and better templates. Like Squarespace, Shopify also gives new users a 14-day free trial. Shopify’s regular prices start from less than $30/month and their “Lite” plan is available for less than $10/month. Try Shopify for free.

You can find our Shopify review from this page.

Best free Squarespace alternative for ecommerce

If you are from the US and looking to do ecommerce, Shift4Shop can be a great Squarespace alternative. That is because this ecommerce platform has a quite advanced free ecommerce plan that is available only for merchants from the USA. For those who can’t or don’t want to use the free Shift4Shop plan, the platform offers plans starting from less than $30/month.

In addition to the competitive pricing, other nice things about Shift4Shop include, for example, that it is relatively easy to use and that it offers over 100 free ecommerce templates. Go to Shift4Shop.

Looking for more information about Shift4Shop? See our Shift4Shop review.

Cheap & good Squarespace alternative: WordPress

WordPress(.org) is a publishing platform that is in itself free. However, you do need to buy web hosting to be able to use WordPress. Luckily though, even high quality web hosting can these days be extremely inexpensive: as an example, a company called Hostinger offers web hosting starting from less than $1.5/month. From below you can find examples of prices from Hostinger.

In addition to being cheaper to use than Squarespace, WordPress can also otherwise be better than Squarespace. That is because WordPress gives you a lot more room for customization than Squarespace does.

Even though WordPress is used mainly for running traditional websites, it is possible to use it also for ecommerce. The easiest way to do that is by installing a free plugin called WooCommerce to your WordPress website.

Quick instructions on how to get started with WordPress from scratch:

  1. Buy web hosting – a cheap one should do just fine.
  2. Install WordPress to your new web hosting account – good web hosting companies, such as Hostinger, allow you to do this extremely easily.
  3. Login to your new WordPress website and start editing it.

Good to know: renewal prices of web hosting tend to be higher than the initial prices.

Ecwid – a free, although limited, ecommerce alternative to Squarespace

Ecwid is another ecommerce platform that can be used for free. However, there are some relatively big differences between Shift4Shop and Ecwid when it comes to their free plans.

The thing that Ecwid’s free plan has going over Shift4Shop, is that it is available also for merchants from outside the US. And then on the negative side, Ecwid’s free plan allows you to sell at most 10 products and it doesn’t allow you to use a custom domain name. Thus it can be concluded that Ecwid’s free plan is best suited for small ecommerce businesses.

When comparing Ecwid to Squarespace, it can be said that they are roughly equally good when it comes to features and templates. However, Ecwid gives maybe a bit more room for customization. Additionally, with the exception of gift cards, Ecwid doesn’t charge extra transaction fees on any of its plans.

And because Ecwid is solely focused on ecommerce (and not also intended for building traditional websites), it is possible that Ecwid’s ecommerce platform will be improved faster than Squarespace’s – that might be an important factor to consider if you plan to run an ecommerce store for a long time. Open an Ecwid account.

If you are interested to learn more about Ecwid, you might want to read our Ecwid review or watch the video embedded below.