Cheaper alternatives to Squarespace – Top options in 2021 for websites & ecommerce

Squarespace is in many ways a good option for building a website or an ecommerce store. However, one of the issues with Squarespace is that it is not particularly cheap. Luckily though, there are some very good alternatives to Squarespace that are actually cheaper than it is. And from below you can find our recommend list of top Squarespace alternatives.

Zyro – Best Squarespace alternative that is cheaper

Zyro is a lot like Squarespace, but in many ways better. And even considerably cheaper. That is as Zyro’s prices start from less than $2/month and even their ecommerce solution is available from less than $10/month, when picking a long-term subscription. From below you can find examples of long-term Zyro subscription prices that were available at least at the time of writing this page.

Even though Zyro shines when it comes to cheap pricing, the pricing is not the only reason for picking Zyro over Squarespace. And in practice, some of the things I like about Zyro include, for example, that its user interface is bit better than Squarespace’s, the fact that it has nice templates and the fact that it seems to have great customer service.

Like Squarespace, Zyro also offers free templates for both traditional websites and online stores. And those looking to launch an online store should be happy to know that Zyro doesn’t charge additional transaction fees – at Squarespace those can be up to 3% of each transaction. Go to Zyro.

Zyro promo code: If you want to enjoy even cheaper than usual Zyro prices, I recommend using the promo code SAVENOW – it should give you a little bit of extra savings. Use the promo code.

Template examples from Zyro.

Another cheap Squarespace alternative: WordPress

WordPress(.org) is a publishing platform that is in itself free. However, you do need to buy web hosting to be able to use WordPress. Luckily though, even high quality web hosting can these days be extremely inexpensive: as an example, a company called Hostinger offers web hosting starting from less than $1/month. From below you can find examples of prices from Hostinger.

In addition to being cheaper to use than Squarespace, WordPress can also otherwise be better than Squarespace. That is because WordPress gives you lot more room for customization than Squarespace does.

Even though WordPress is used mainly for running traditional websites, it is possible to use it also for ecommerce. The easiest way to do that is by installing a free plugin called WooCommerce to your WordPress website.

Quick instructions on how to get started with WordPress from scratch:

  1. Buy web hosting – a cheap one should do just fine.
  2. Install WordPress to your new web hosting account – good web hosting companies, such as Hostinger, allow you to do this extremely easily.
  3. Login to your new WordPress website and start editing it.

Good to know: renewal prices of web hosting tend to be higher than the initial prices.

Ecwid – a free, although limited, ecommerce alternative to Squarespace

Ecwid is not the only free ecommerce platform, but it is the one that likely offers the best combination of availability (i.e. not limited to a small number of countries) and quality.

Ecwid allows you to sell up to 10 products for free, so if you were thinking of using Squarespace for a small ecommerce website, using Ecwid can provide significant savings.

In addition to offering a free plan, Ecwid also offers quite good free ecommerce templates. And it is also nice to know that Ecwid does not charge additional transaction fees. Open an Ecwid account.

If you are interested to learn more about Ecwid, you might want to read our Ecwid review or watch the video embedded below.