2016 3DCart review – How good is it?

3DCart is one of the oldest e-commerce software platform providers on the internet. And in fact they have been around for more than 15 years which is longer than some of their main competitors  put together! However old doesn't always equal good and in fact if a software company was just an old and hadn't made lot of updates and improvements recently to their software it might even be a horrendous thing. And that is especially true in the highly competitive industry of e-commerce where customers are constantly judging e-commerce websites based on how they look, on how they work and on how good the overall shopping experience is. In this 3Dcart review we will look at 3Dcart and see how it stacks up against its younger rivals.

 Start with a competitive free trial

Most of the e-commerce platforms are offering their customers free trials these days and 3Dcart is no exception in that. They are currently offering a 15 day free trial which is well in line with the likes of Shopify (14 day free trial) and Americommerce (14 day free trial) as well as with Bigcommerce which is offering the same 15 day free trial deal as 3Dcart. And just like on the other platforms also on 3Dcart you can try out their software without giving your credit card or other payment information - so the trial truly is a no strings attached type of a deal.

In addition to the free trial promotion 3Dcart is known for offering also other type of promotions. For an example in March 2015 they ran a promotion in which customers got their 2nd paid month of use for free and were able to get a free premium theme. You can find up-to-date information about their current promotions from their website. In my experience other ecommerce solution companies don't run all that many seasonal promotions. So 3Dcart gets points for that one.

Themes and layouts

Just like most of the other companies operating this space, 3Dcart has also split its themes / templates into two categories: 1) they have templates you can use for absolutely free (well, you have to pay the monthly or yearly fee for running a store on their platform, but no additional fee for using a template) 2) they have templates that have a one time fee of $99 or $199 depending on the theme.

​When it comes to the quality of templates / themes there is in my opinion some difference between the paid one and the free ones. And if you planning on running a store for the long term on 3Dcart's platform it is probably a good idea to spend that $99 or $199 on a premium theme - unless you of course fall in love with one of free templates. 

You can find the different themes and templates from the back-end system via Settings - > Design -> Themes & Styles.

When comparing 3Dcart's themes to those available for an example by Shopify i'd say that the free themes are not quite as "2015" at 3Dcart, but the paid ones are well in line with its competitor's themes.

3DCart payment methods

3Dcart offers a pretty good selection of payment methods compatible with their platform. You can start accepting easily for an example credit card payments, Paypal payments and payment made with Klarna. The name "Klarna" might not say much to people from North America, but it is one of the most popular payment methods for online shopping in northern Europe and at the moment even companies like Shopify are not able to process payments made with it. So being able to accept Klarna payments is a big reason for why 3Dcart might be an especially attractive option to European entrepreneurs looking to set-up an online store.  For a full list of currently accept payment methods you can check out this page.

The different payment providers charge their individual transaction fees, however 3Dcart doesn't charge any additional fees on transactions of any size.

Setting up your online store

Setting up your store is pretty easy at 3Dcart and they even have a "setup wizard" available (the window pops out when you enter the homepage of your store's back-end) which makes creating an online store easy even for the beginners. The setup page for creating your online store has all the most important features available.  When compared to the other e-commerce store makers, i'd say that the back-end is pretty close to the same in quality but it could certainly look bit more fresh and bit more approachable. For an example Americommerce has done a better job with making their store back-end look bit more approachable and even a game like (in a good way).

Pricing and plans

3Dcart has 5 different type of plans available. The cheapest plan is called "Mini" and costs $19.99/month. The most expensive plan is called "power plan" and runs $129.99 per month. If you choose to opt for a yearly contract instead of a monthly plan there is a 15% discount for every plan compared to the price you would pay if you were paying on monthly basis for 12 months.

Even the cheapest plan is pretty good at 3Dcart and it allows you to for an example add 200 products store to your store - more than enough for many vendors. The two most expensive plans allow you to add unlimited amount of products on your store.​

When comparing the different plans and choosing the right one for your at 3Dcart I'd pay attention especially to two things: 1) how many visitors you expect your store to receive and 2) do you need a live chat support on your store.

According to 3Dcart the cheapest plan can handle up to 4,000 monthly visitors (in reality it is about the amount of data transfer needed to serve the customers, but they have simplified the system a bit to make it easier to decide between the plans) and the most expensive plan can serve up to 90,000 visitors a month. 

​It is good to note that even if your store receives more traffic than your current plan would "allow" 3Dcart won't disable your store, instead they will simply charge you for the additional traffic. 1GB of additional traffic costs $5 and according to their numbers you can serve up to 2,000 visitors for every 1GB.

The two cheapest plans available by 3Dcart don't have a live chat support option available, so if that is something that you want your store to have the cheapest option for it is the $65.99/month plan called "professional".

Generally speaking the plans offered by 3Dcart are priced pretty much the same way as the plans on other leading e-commerce platforms.

3DCart review summary

Good. That would be the one word summary of 3Dcart. Their platform is not perfect, but it doesn't have any major deficits either. 3Dcart is especially strong when it comes to the number of payment methods you can easily add to your online store. So if you know that your future customers would strongly prefer a payment method that is not available when using some other ecommerce builder, 3Dcart is an especially attractive option to look into. On the negative side for 3Dcart I'd say that if you prefer an aesthetically pleasing set-up system 3Dcart might not be for you. 

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