2020 3DCart review – Themes, pricing and more discussed and reviewed

3dCart is one of the oldest e-commerce software platform providers on the internet. And in fact they have been around for more than 15 years which is longer than some of their main competitors put together! However old doesn’t always equal good and in fact if a software company was just old and hadn’t made lot of updates and improvements recently to their software it might even be a horrendous thing. And that is especially true in the highly competitive industry of e-commerce where customers are constantly judging e-commerce websites based on how they look, on how they work and on how good the overall shopping experience is. In this 3dcart review we will look at 3dcart and see how it stacks up against its younger rivals.

Getting started with 3dCart

The first thing you might notice when arriving to the 3dcart’s homepage is that they are offering a nice 15 day free trial for all their customers. Free trials are extremely common with the successful e-commerce platforms and they also tend to be around the same length: about two weeks. Shopify, for example, offers a 15 day free trial to their new customers.

When you start the registration process for 3dcart it quickly becomes apparent that the company has done everything it can, to make it as painless and as quick as possible. You are not asked for ton of personal details, you don’t have to give credit card or other payment information and there is no link sent to your email that you have to click before you can start building your online store. Instead you can start building your store quickly with the help of their extremely useful 3dcart wizard  which guides you through the process of creating your own webstore. However, it is good to note that using the wizard is completely optional and if you already have practice with building your own online store you might want to try building the store without the wizard. Go to 3dcart.

3dcart themes & templates in 2020

3dcart offers both free and premium themes. The collection of the free 3dcart themes is especially impressive. At the time of writing this the company has more than 40 completely free themes for you to use for your store. The number of the free themes is massive when compared to, for example, Shopify which only offers around 10 free themes to their customers. And best of all these free 3dcart themes also look quite nice. They are not the flashiest e-commerce themes around, but will certainly do the job if you are on a tight budget and trying to build an online store inexpensively.

As mentioned 3dcart also has premium e-commerce themes. At the time of writing this there are actually fewer paid premium themes than there are free themes. The number of the premium themes is bit below 90. The one time fee for a specific premium theme ranges from $149 to $199.99.

The premium themes look on average bit nicer than the free themes, but there isn’t a huge difference – so you certainly don’t HAVE to buy a premium theme for your store when you are getting started. However, as the themes are relatively cheap when compared to the amount of revenue you are likely trying to do with your store, it might be a good idea to invest into a theme that you really like. It is good to keep in mind that you can often recoup the investment made into a premium theme by simply getting couple more customers than you would have gotten with a free theme.

What is striking about the 3dcart templates, is the fact that they are very heavily focused on showcasing a broad range of products on your homepage. This is a big difference when compared to, for example, Squarespace which is better suited to showcasing couple products. So if you are running a business that sells lot of different products, it might be an especially good idea to go with 3Dcart.

In general I would call the 3dcart templates as more traditional type of e-commerce themes than the e-commerce templates offered by most of their competitors. This means that if your customers tend not to be very young, 3dcart might be a great choice for you.

Naturally the 3dcart themes automatically adjust to different screen sizes. This means that your customers can easily buy from your store, regardless of if they are using an old PC or a modern mobile phone.

How easy is 3dcart to use?

The one word answer to the above question would be: Extremely. 3dcart has really paid lot of attention to designing the back-end of the e-commerce platform in such a way that anyone can easily use it for starting an e-commerce store. Things such as adding products to your store, choosing the theme for your e-commerce business and selecting payment methods to offer to your customers are very easy to do. In addition to that what I really like about the 3dcart store builder, is that there is nothing unnecessary – nothing that will confuse you when you are trying to create your store.

3dcart plans and pricing in 2020

In 2020 3Dcart has 4 different plans. The cheapest plan is called “Startup Store” and costs $19.00/month when paid in monthly basis and the most expensive plan is called “Pro Store” and costs $229.00 when paid in monthly basis. All the plans have quite good features (for example the option to add an unlimited number of products) and as it is quite easy to change your plan, it might be a good idea to start with a cheap plan and then upgrade later on, if your store gets traction.

By the way, if you like 3Dcart but are not in rush to launch your store, it might a good idea to browse their site a for while before signing up: 3Dcart seems to run quite a lot of campaigns during which they offer nice discounts for their plans – they also have a regular annual discount but it is bit limited.

Should you choose 3dcart for building your online store?

In this 3dcart review we have looked at the most important features of 3dcart and compared the platform to some of the other most popular e-commerce platforms. Based on this it can be concluded that 3dcart offers a very competitive option for building an online store.

In my opinion 3dcart is an especially good option for those e-commerce store owners who are looking to sell a wide range of products and maybe have a clientele that tends to consists of slightly older online shoppers. If you are looking to sell just two or three hot fashion items to teenagers, 3dcart is probably not the best option – in that case you should maybe try Squarespace – however in other situations 3dcart is certainly worth trying. Open 3dcart account.

This review has been updated several times, latest for 2020.