3dcart dropshipping plan information and FAQ – 3dcart & Printful and Oberlo etc.

Dropshipping has made running an ecommerce business possible for lot of new people, and seeing that some of the ecommerce platforms have started to specifically try and attract those interested in dropshipping to their platform. One of the platforms that seems to be especially keen in attracting dropshippers to their platform is 3dcart. That is as 3dcart has, for example, introduced a special dropshipping plan. On this page we take a quick look at that plan and explore some other topics that relate to 3dcart and dropshipping.

Update February 2021: 3dcart has just changed its name to Shift4Shop, but the dropshipping plan is still sold under the 3dcart name and what is discussed below should be correct.

3dcart dropshipping plan introduced

When getting into dropshipping it can be difficult to estimate how much revenue you might generate. Additionally, you might even have doubts about if dropshipping is right for you. Given those things it is nice that 3dcart’s special dropshipping plan is aimed especially to dropshiping beginners.

That is apparent, for example, based on the cheap pricing of the plan: when paid in monthly basis the cost of the plan is just $9.99/month, and the per month price goes even lower if you choose a long term subscription. The cheap costs are obviously a big plus of the 3dcart dropshipping plan. However, there are also couple downsides.

The first downside of the special dropshipping plan is that it allows you to have at most $10,000 in revenue in a 12 month period before you need to upgrade to a more expensive plan. The cheapest of those “more expensive” plans is called “Startup” and it costs $19/month, so luckily it is also quite cheap. The other possible downside of the dropshipping plan is that it allows you list at most 1,000 products to your store. Although to be honest, 1,000 products should be more than for most dropshippers.

In general about using 3dcart for ecommerce: You can find a longer 3dcart review from this page, but in summary 3dcart can be labeled as a quite good, but not perfect ecommerce platform.

Bottom line: 3dcart’s dropshipping plan is likely to be best suited for those who are new to dropshipping and want to have a cheap way to explore the possibilities of it.

FAQ about 3dcart and dropshipping

Can you use Oberlo with 3dcart? Unfortunately there does not appear to be a way to use Oberlo with 3dcart. That has to do with the fact that Shopify, another popular ecommerce platform, owns Oberlo.

Can you use Printful with 3dcart? Yes, that should be possible. Based on my knowledge and testing, Printful can also be a particularly easy and stress-free way to get started with dropshipping, and as such using the 3dcart dropshipping plan together with Printful can be a great way to test dropshipping. In case you are not familar with Printful it allows you to, for example, dropship clothing items and accessories. See Printful’s site for more information

Ready to try dropshipping with 3dcart? Go to 3dcart and get started.

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