This site is about exactly what you might have guessed: e-commerce platforms. If you are unfamiliar with them, an e-commerce platform is an online-based software that can be used to quickly and easily build an online store. Using an ecommerce platform can also bring significant savings over having someone build an online store from scratch. I hope that you find the information on this site useful.

About e-commerce platforms in general

Best ecommerce platforms – Top 10 platforms in 2023 introduced.

Cheapest ecommerce platform – It is possible to use an ecommerce platform even for free.

Easiest ecommerce platform – I recommend these platforms especially strongly to ecommerce beginners.

Best ecommere platform for dropshipping – And 3 alternatives.

Ecommerce platforms USA – Best American ecommerce platforms.

About Shopify

Shopify is a very popular ecommerce platform. These articles on this site focus mainly on it.

MyShopify – When you open a Shopify account you will be initially assigned a store domain name that has “MyShopify” in it. You can change the domain name to something that doesn’t have it in it.

Is Shopify worth it? – On this page I aim to answer the question of if launching a Shopify store is a good idea.

Shopify themes – A recommended place for buying affordable but awesome Shopify themes.

3 months for $1/month – Best Shopify promo.

Is Shopify safe? – This is what I think after following Shopify for a quite a long time.

Is Shopify easy to use? – In addition to that question, this article also hopefully helps to answer the question of if Shopify is good for beginners.

Shopify plan discount – It is possible to get a Shopify discount without any code.

About Ecwid

Ecwid can be a good ecommerce platform for at least some. These articles are mainly focused on Ecwid.

Ecwid dropshipping – I try to answer the question of if Ecwid is a good for doing dropshipping.

Ecwid free trial? – Is there such available?

About Wix

Wix offers a quite good solution for ecommerce. This article is mainly focused on Wix.

Wix dropshipping – Is Wix the best choice for dropshipping?

About Squarespace

Squarespace can be a good choice for at least some online stores and traditional websites. The articles listed next are mainly focused on Squarespace.

Squarespace dropshipping – Is Squarespace a good choice for dropshipping?

Is Squarespace worth it? – My thoughts after using it for multiple years.

What ecommerce platform does Squarespace use? – Apparently there might be some confusion about this.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce can be an especially good ecommerce platform for tech-savvy founders. The following article is about BigCommerce.

BigCommerce cost – Information about what it costs to use Bigcommerce.

About AmeriCommerce

This might not be as well known ecommerce platform as many others, but in my opinion it might still be a solid choice for some situations. The following article is mainly about AmeriCommerce.

AmeriCommerce review – Things I like and do not like about AmeriCommerce.

About Shift4Shop

This platform offers a free ecommerce plan for selected users.

Is Shift4Shop legit? – My answer to that question.

Platform against platform

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between two ecommerce platforms. Maybe this article can bring some help.

Shift4Shop vs Shopify – Which is the better choice?


Sometimes you might just come to the conclusion that a certain ecommerce platform just might not be the best fit for your. In that case these articles might be helpful.

Ecwid alternatives – A short introduction to what I think are the best alternatives to Ecwid as well as two possibly free alternatives.

BigCommerce alternatives – A pretty good number of possible alternatives to BigCommerce introduced.

Squarespace alternatives – Cheaper and best & free for ecommerce.


You can send email to hello@e-commerceplatforms.com, if needed I’ll try to answer in a somewhat reasonable timeframe.

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