2017 Shopify review

Signup experience:

When you first arrive to Shopify's website you will notice that it loads fast and it is easy to see the buttons inviting you to signup. In the first stage of signup they ask for your email, password and store name (this can be easily changed later on), after that they ask for more of the usual details such as address and phone number, in the third signup form they ask for couple small details about your store. In total filling those 3 signup forms took us from around 45 seconds.

One of the best things about the signup experience was the fact that they don't ask for your credit card or other payment details when simply signing up. You will need to provide those only when you start actually selling products in your store.

Plans and pricing:

There are 4 different plans offered by Shopify. The least expensive one is called a lite plan (not listed above) and it costs $9/month. The starter plan has a limit of 25 products and doesn't include for an example the chance to create discount codes. The most expensive plans is called "unlimited" and costs $179/month. Discounts for long term plans: Currently Shopify is offering 10% discount compared to the monthly plan when buying a 1 year plan and 20% discount when buying a 2 year plan. The plans can be paid for an example by using Visa and Master Card.

Note: There is a free 14 day trial available to all the new customers, so you can try the service before paying.

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Actually using Shopify to run your store:

Once you have signed up you can log in to your admin panel directly on Shopify's website. Once logged in you can use the easy-to-use admin panel to edit your store. All the parts of the admin panel are easy to use. When adding a new product you simply write the details of the product in couple fill-in boxes and upload the image of the product (if you would like to) and hit the "save product" button. The same logic works for other parts of the shop too, including for an example adding the shipping fee and creating discount codes. It is also nice that the admin panel has the feature to add information about the quantity of each product you have immediately available for shipping to the customers.

Order notifications: one very obvious, but still an extremely, nice feature that Shopify offers is the notifications when someone makes an order. When an order is placed the systems sends you an automatic email that includes all the important information about the order so that you can process it. It is also possible to set-up text message notifications, which work well for an example in USA and Canada. 

In case you want to publish content related, for an example, to the items you are selling in your store that is also easy by using the features that allow you create new pages and post new blog posts. 

In addition to the option of editing your store the back-end offers you also detailed reports of all the important things such orders and sales. 

Changing themes:

When you first start using Shopify it will by default launch your website with a very simple theme called Launchpad Start. If you are believer in "small is beautiful", this might actually be the theme that you end running your store with in the long term. It contains everything that online shop needs, but nothing more; no flashy graphics or complicated navigation bars. However, if you would like to change your theme that is extremely easy. Simply in your admin panel go to themes -> upload a theme and in the small pop-up window that comes choose to go to the Shopify theme store.When you are in the theme store simply choose a theme you like (free or paid), click on it and follow the simple instructions to activate it as your store's theme. The fact that some of the themes are free and some cost money doesn't fortunately mean that the free themes crappy, in fact lot of successful stores are run with a free theme.

Shopify customer support experience:

Shopify is widely praised for it's quality customer support and in fact the CEO & co-founder of the company, Tobias Lütke, has said that one of the things they really focus on is providing quality customer care to their customers. However, it is clear that almost everyone says only positive things about the customer support provided by "their" company. So we obviously had to try it.

We contacted the Shopify's customer service at 3:40 PM CET time via the live chat feature offered on their website. We were immediately connected with a customer service rep (no 5 minute wait like on some sites!) and asked our question. We asked a question that is not the easiest (e.g how expensive is the cheapest monthly plan) and were provided a clear ad concise answer within 30 seconds. And the information was correct. So when it comes to the customer service we give full points to Shopify.

After the chat is over Shopify sends a copy of the chat log to your email address for future reference.

In addition to the live customer chat feature Shopify offers also telephone and email support.

Shopify summarized:

Easy. That is the one word that comes constantly to mind when using Shopify. Everything seems to have been built with the no-technical store owned in mind. In other words, you really don't have to be a computer genius to run a store with this platform. And if do happen to run into problems it is good to know that there are plenty of guides available as well as the friendly & knowledgeable support is ready to help you. 

Negative things about Shopify:

As you can see above we are mainly very positive about Shopify. However, there are couple small things that are slightly annoying: 1) if you are looking to launch your store in language that is not automatically supported by Shopify (most big languages such as English, German and French are) you will have to manually translate all the different parts of the website when using a ready-to-go theme. It is not difficult, but it takes time. 2) changing the URLs of some of your shops's inner pages is not easy. 3) Klarna payment solution is not currently supported. Shopify has promised that it is coming, but especially the potential shop owners from the Nordic countries (=Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Norway) might want to keep this in mind.

Final verdict:

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform available in 2017.

This review was last updated 31st of December 2016. It will continue to be frequently updated as time goes on.


Shopify is our number 1 recommended e-commerce platform in 2017. You simply can't go wrong by using it for launching your online business. Click here open your account at Shopify.com

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