The best mCommerce platforms in 2017

Below are the top 3 mobile commerce solutions that we are the most confident at recommending to your readers in 2017. The nice thing about all these sites is that in addition to being great services for mCommerce-optimized stores, sites created with their services work also very well on the more traditional screens.

Spark Pay

  • Free trial
  • Good features
  • Nice templates

From $25/month

No credit card required.


  • Great designs
  • Easy to get started
  • Free trial

$14 / month

The above price is for the cheapest option. 10% discount for yearly plans and 20% discount for 2 year plans.


  • Popular platform
  • Free trial
  • Site only in English

$29/ month

The above price is for the cheapest option.

The revolution of mobile commerce

Photo by Flickr user Michael Coghlan

It is a well known fact that e-commerce  is (still) growing at extremely rapid pace even in countries like United States and even more so in countries like India, which are just getting started in the revolution of online commerce. However, mobile commerce (also known as mCommerce) is actually growing even faster year-on-year than the whole e-commerce market. The definition of mCommerce is not entirely set in stone, the tight definition of it is that only shopping done on mobile phones is included in the term, but one can also see shopping done on tablets as part of mobile commerce. Whichever definition you use when describing mobile commerce, one thing is for sure: your website needs to be optimized for customers looking to do shopping on devices other than that old school desktop computers and laptops. Building a custom responsive* design, can be both expensive and time consuming. Luckily though, there are several online commerce platforms that provide responsive shop designs as part of their monthly subscription plans. From above you can find a clear and concise comparison of few of the most popular platforms. 

*responsive (design) is a term used to describe a site that is shown, usually slightly, differently depending on which type of device the person browsing the website is using

Things to keep in mind when launching your mobile commerce site

​1) Remember that people use different phones and different models of the same phone. That might sound obvious, but the experience people have can change quite radically based on, for an example, the model of iPhone they are using: other iPhones have bigger screens than other.

​2) The site HAS to load fast. Most of the people these days have fast internet connection at home and work, but lot of people are still on slow connection when using phones or tablets. So in other words be careful with elements (such as photos and different plugins) that might take a long time to load on slower connection.

​3) Typing on phone can be difficult. There are lot of people who are much better and faster at typing on desktop CPU than on mobile phone and if buying on mobile phone on your site requires lot of typing it might even make customers abandon the shopping process and go to a competitor's site.