Bigcommerce review

The signup process at Bigcommerce starts with simply entering your desired store name in a field. After that they will ask for a few more details about you, just basic stuff such as your name, phone number and the country of origin. No credit card or other payment details are asked for at this point. Once you have created your account a screen (pictured below) will inform you about the successful creation of store, at this point an email will also be sent to you containing your store address (it is simply "selectedname" at this point, you can obviously change it to a "real" address later) and few other important details.

Designing your store

Creating the store with Bigcommerces's back-end is relatively easy. It is certainly easy to switch between themes. However, one slightly confusing thing about the paid themes was that the theme prices (both free and paid are themes are available) were in some places in US dollars and in some places in euros (picture below). The prices for paid themes ranged from $120 to $250 (it is probably safe to assume that the prices were intended to be in dollars) We did not buy a paid theme.

While changing themes is easy, doing some other changes could be easier and more straightforward. For an example, changing the store language from English to another language appears to be if not impossible, at least very difficult.

Customer service experience with Bigcommerce

When trying out the customer service on different e-commerce platform providers we always opt for using the live chat feature. This is simply because want to make it easier to compare the experiences between two or more providers. At Bigcommerce the experience was not perfect.

First of all, before you actually get to talk to a customer service rep you have to fill out 5 different fields with information about yourself / your store. And once we got to talking to a rep he had to re-confirm our shop address, which we had just 30 seconds earlier entered (correctly) in one of the fields. This was the case even though our question had nothing specific to do with our store (it was a general question regarding the different plans offered by Bigcommerce). Those are obviously not the world's biggest annoyances, but they are something that make you wonder if the process of getting help could be easier.

The good thing about the CS experience was the fact that we were connected instantly with one of the reps (no 10 minute wait!) , and that in the end we did get (hopefully) the correct information / answer to our question.

Phone and email customer service are also available at Bigcommerce.

Subscription plans and pricing

All new signups get a 15 day free trial at Bigcommerce. After that there are three monthly plans available. The cheapest plan is called "Silver" and costs $29.95/month, the "Gold" plan costs $79.95/month and the most expensive "Platinum" plan costs $199.95/month. It is worth noticing that at the moment Bigcommerce charges a transaction fee only when using the silver plan (1.5% in the case of using it), so once you start selling more items it usually pays itself to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

There are also few additional features and improvements which you get when you upgrade to a more expensive plan, however the Silver plan certainly includes all the most important features needed to get started. A 10% discount is offered for yearly plans.

Final verdict

Bigcommerce has lot of similarities with Shopify. The plans are about as expensive as are the themes they sell and they both also offer a discussion forum and guides. However there are also differences: Bigcommerce as a whole seems to be designed for more experienced and technical store owners and there is certainly a steeper learning curve in getting your store fully personalized. Also, if you are a very visual person, Shopify's admin panel / back-end is likely to please you more than the Bigcommerce's one.

Enough talk! Let's Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is one of the leading e-commerce solutions at the moment. Click here to visit their site.

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